My take on Drew Henson. Why the hell not, right?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Rack Bauer, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Rack Bauer

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    I'll make this short and simple.

    IMO, regardless of what has been reported and how he has actually looked, Drew Henson has improved.

    I've been believing this for quite some time, but couldn't think of a way to explain it.

    But here's the best I could come up with...

    Drew Henson last year was at a stage comparable to taking basic math. He had a decent understanding of what he was being asked to do.

    This year he's moved up to College Algebra. A lot of people struggle when they first start taking College ALgebra, but after doing a few hundred equations, they start to get it, and it gets much easier.

    For another words, Drew is struggling cuz he's moved up a lvl in his development. He's actually TRYING to do the more difficult things now (such as fine tuning his throwing motion and reading defenses). Once he gets a good grip on "College Algebra" he'll move up to calculus (or whatever, you get the point) and he'll struggle again, and so on and so forth.

    It's kind of like being a QB and going from highschool to college. The playbook is bigger and the defense more complicated. But with Henson it's more advanced cuz he sat out 3+ years. He's getting it, it's just taking a bit longer due to the layoff. But we signed him long term for a reason.

    Hope that made sense.
  2. dougonthebench

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    great observation.I've been thinking the same things for a while now.
  3. Fletch

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    Good post, nice analogy. You're right, Henson has improved from last year, regardless what some fans or media might think. There is a very good reason why we originally signed Drew to an 8 year contract. To let him develop.
  4. Banned_n_austin

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    Sounds like more of an excuse than anything ...
  5. cml750

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    I agree 100%!!!! :hammer:
  6. Rack Bauer

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    Why would you think that? Explain.

    Does it not make sense that he's strugging cuz his mind is trying to absorb something more advanced?

    Or is it just easier to criticize and try and get everyone all worked up?
  7. NYCowboy22

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    I couldn't have said it better myself.
  8. Doomsday101

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    Not really Romo is in his 3rd year and has shown improvement I see no reason why Henson will not improve over the same time frame given to Tony. For this season I think Romo has the backup job but honestly after this last pre-season game I'm not going to be overly concerned with either guy because we are about to hit the real games and Bledsoe will be the one behind center. How Bledsoe and the other starters are doing will be my only concern.
  9. VACowboy

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    I've actually been thinking that all the talk about Bill hating Henson is a total misread of the situation. Good observations, Rack, but I think it goes further than Henson's unreadiness. I think the coaches see immense potential in Henson, who consistently grades out as the best QB in practice, and they want to develop him as the future starter. So Bill is doing to Henson what he has done to talented players in the past, particularly QBs (ever hear Phil Simms talk about Parcells?). He's testing his mettle, building him mentally, so that if he makes it through, he's a player.
  10. Ashwynn

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    I cant argue with this at all, but I can tell you that the thing that has me so down on Henson is that he just does not look good out there. I dont know if its mental, physical, stress, Maybe hes just apathetic. I cant explain it, but Bledsoe and Romo both look like NFL QBs and the team responds in a like manner. But when Hensons out there, its like the teams not on the same page. I cant really explain it but I can see it on my TV. plain as day.
  11. luvtheboys

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    On the pre-game show before the Seattle game, QB coach David Lee said that Henson is about where Romo was this time last year. They tinkered with Romo's throwing motion last year and he is doing much better. This year they tinkered with Henson's motion so it is not surprising that it is taking him a while to get comfortable.

    There are too many people on this board who so desperately want to be able to say "I told you so", that they want to see Henson cut. They would rather be right than see what is the best long term solution for the Cowboys. I say give Henson another year. If he looks like a solid NFL QB next year, great. If not, then it will be time to move on.

    From the PC today:
    Why are you so reluctant to talk about the backup QB sitaution?
    Because that’s all you guys have wanted to talk about since last spring. I’m not ready to decide yet. I don’t need to decide.

    A lot of people want to think of the backup spot as a race. They want their guy to finish first and declare it over. I think that Romo deserves to be #2. However, if Bledsoe goes down late in the season, Parcells will go with who he thinks is best at that time. I would expect it to be Romo, but it is possible that he and Henson could flip flop over the next few months.

    Congratulations to Romo for having a good camp. I hope we don't need him or Henson to play this season. I will cheer my butt off for whoever is taking snaps.
  12. tyke1doe

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    It makes sense.

    I'm so sick of the Henson doom-and-gloom forecasts/complaints/whining (insert your own description).

    The man had been out of football for three years before he came to Dallas.

    There's a reason why this is the NFL, that's because the best talent in the nation plays in this league.

    If Henson were able to come in Day 1 and play in this league, he would have been better than Elway.

    But the fact is, it takes time for players to grasp this game, even special players (see Elway's first year) and especially athletes who have been out of the game so long.

    If Henson turns out to be the quarterback of the future, great. If not, the third rounder was worth the gamble.

    I guess I'm not all upset about whether Henson succeeds or fails. Maybe that's why I'm a bit more patient than other Cowboys fans.
  13. Rack Bauer

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    Exactly. And the reason for it is his brain isn't yet able to process the more advanced information it's trying to process fast enough.

    Example: What he was learning last year was 2X2. Easy. Made a bit more difficult while trying to do it with defensive players trying to take your head off, but still not difficult.

    Now he's trying to work algebric equations in his head while defensive players are trying to take his head off. The point is he's moved ON to more advanced "Equations". It's expected that he struggle at first, until he is able to "solve the equations" in a timely manner. When he does that he'll look better.

    I guess I didn't explain it good enough.
  14. ctalker

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    Nice post. I am happy with what I have seen from Henson, and still believe he is as good a candidate, as any recently QB drafted, to eventually excel in the NFL.

    BARRYRAY Well-Known Member

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    The problem I have with Henson is that honestly I can't see that he has improved, I also can't see how the scouts raved about him making every throw there is at his tryout yet his motion is aparently crappy, I mean if this guy has crappy mechanics what does he bring to the table, he doesn't seem to be able to do the other things like read defenses, look for alternate receivers, etc., I think we need to find another scrap heap veteran and give them a shot. I don't have a problem with bargain hunting for QB's the problem is we quit hunting, why not bring in at least one each year, when your trolling you got to keep churning them because thats how you get lucky and find one, at the least why don't we bring in a fourth for a look see if only for a practice player, a couple of our former scrap heap guys are at least still around the NFL......
  16. Vman

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    I would only disagree with the above comment. When making improvement, one should expect more opportunities.

    Henson is receiving LESS opportunities.

    At this point, Bill either believes the kid will never get it or needs more time to get it than he is willing to give.

  17. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Henson isn't even our #2 QB right. no matter how you look at it or what angle you want to take at it; hes not good enough to play. plain and simple.
  18. Doomsday101

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    Romo was not our backup last year but has shown improvement this year
  19. Fletch

    Fletch To The Moon

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    Hate to be rather blunt. But that is the very reason why you are posting in here rather than coaching or scouting. :cool:
  20. Banned_n_austin

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    I guess I've just gotten used to it by now, Dooms - the excuse making. And I know it can take time for a QB to develop. I consider the layoff after having not played that much in the first place a BIG factor playing against Henson's odds.

    I haven't seen any improvement what-so-ever with my own two eyes. I see the same deer blinded by the same headlights. It's not pretty.

    And if Henson is all he was cracked up to be, he SHOULD be improving. But to say you see improvement in this guy is just false. The guy hasn't improved. He looks the same as he did last year - absolutely lost.

    Last year, I was the only guy saying he looked lost out there. This year, everyone is saying it about his performance this year. And you can develop a lot of things at QB. But when the playbook is obviously dumbed down for him and he still looks lost you've got a problem.

    The last thing you want your QB to look like is "lost".

    Tony Romo never looked "lost" so you're comparing apples to oranges. Tony's problem was getting to excited and trying to force plays.

    Henson's is just not knowing what the frick is going on. His lack of experience and layoff are reasons why. I just dont' think the guy will ever catch up to the speed of the NFL. I've seen ZERO improvement. And to say otherwise is just BS.

    But like you say, I'm more worried about Bledsoe. I don't know what to think about him yet. The jury is still out I guess. But I do know that we can all put the 1-800-VINNY scenario to rest.

    Tony Romo went out and showed that he can play football. I'm confident that if something does happen to Bledsoe that he is mentally tough enough and good enough to step in if we need him.

    I'm thankful we don't have to sign Vinny. But I was worried that we might ... and not only that we might, but that it might be our best option. We should all be thankful that someone grabbed their brass ones and stepped up. The last thing I wanted to have to do was interupt Vinny on the 15th hole.

    We should all be thankful for Tony Romo at this point, because if he didn't step up, Vinny Testaverde might be a Cowboy again. :eek:

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