My take on the Larry Allen situation...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JWitten, Jul 31, 2005.

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    Everyone was saying that LA looks great this off season and how he had apparently looked so much younger and was in such great shape. Then he walks into camp and fails the conditioning test? BP says that he isn't upset with LA?

    After seeing pics and such of LA and then hearing that BP was claiming that he wasn't upset with the fact the LA failed the testing I began to wonder if this wasn't a pre-arranged incident.

    BP wants to find out what he has at RT. Everyone is speculating that LA would move to RT if no one steps up. Fine but if that is the case then someone has to fill in at LG so you need to find out what you have there as well right?

    So BP tells LA to work on conditioning to stay in shape so he can use the first week to evaluate his other options on the line. BP knows what he has in LA and knows what he is capable of. What a better way to find out and get a jump on the situation. Take your one constant out and let the pieces fall where they may. You will find out how good Peterman is, and if he can handle the starting roll. As well as get a good idea if a RT is going to step up or not.

    Let me know if I am crazy or if this sounds plausible to anyone one else.
  2. Cbz40

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    OHHHHH!!!!!That sneeky Bill..... :D You just may be correct.

  3. Hostile

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    I think Larry tanked the run and Bill made him sit. No grassy knoll. He's clearly in grat shape when you see the pictures, but maybe he is behind on aerobic conditioning.
  4. The Curly One

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    LA really is out of shape. Again.

    Yes, Parcells definatly does need to try out others at his spot. Curly
  5. Kangaroo

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    Why that makes no sense because even after Larry passed the test he could have still pretended he pulled a hami or quad etc and needs to do work on the sideline to get it healed. Failing the conditioning test is a big deal compared to passing it then having a muscle strain of sometime. If Parcells need to have Larry just work on conditioning the pulled muscle routine would have been a better option.
  6. dstew60105

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    THe simplest answer is usually the correc tone and him failing the run is the simplest answer. He will be fine and back in a couple of days. Everyone should just relax.
  7. LaTunaNostra

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    If Bill wanted to evalute the kids exclusively in the first week, there were far less humilating ways to sit Larry. Like flat out saying "I am giving this vet a rest - the whole world knows what Lary Allen can do". Or by playing him two snaps in a practice, then replacing him.

    And Larry, a prideful man, would put himself in such a painful situation?

    This story "Larry Allen fails conditioning test", accompanied by the incriminating fat-photos, zipped all over creation courtesy of AP?

    LA CONSENTED to such a thing?

    Sometimes it's best just to acept the simple reality, with no ulterior motives.

    The man failed the conditioning test. As the photos indicate, he is as strong as ever, but his cardio vascular system needs some fine tuning.

    Bill isn't pubically 'upset' over the whole weight issue this year..saying he won't release the names of guys who didn't make the weight (no public humilation of the infortunate Blades this summer). My feeling is he is more selectively picking his battles this summer, anticipating the work on defense, AND at the same time not giving the media anything to run with.

    But come on, a 'deal' between Bill and Larry which would humiliate Larry..I just don't see it when if he wants to evaluate other options, as the head coach, he can certainly do so by just playing LA a snap or two in the first weeks (and LA would more than likely appreciate that).

    Bill is not nearly as Machiavellian as we like to believe.
  8. Eddie

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    Gotta love these conspiracy theories. Always gets people excited.

    I think the US government is trying to undercut LA. Better yet, Martians who are Redskin fans are hiding burgers under LA's pillow ...
  9. wxcpo

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    Mickey alluded to this same thing over on the Cowboys official site recently. I don't understand though rather than saying he failed the conditioning test why not just tell the big fella to take'er easy for a day or two while we take a look at a few guys. Allen knows what he can do so it's not like he has to be involved in every practice.

    Or maybe he did fail the test as BP stated.
  10. igtmfo

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    A reporter asked BP if there was a timetable for retesting LA. "No timetable," Bill said.

    Do what? Maybe my hearing is getting as bad as Bill's but this indicates a little grassy knoll, right? Why would he be disinterested in retesting LA?

    You guys remember the games Bill played two years ago with Larry, all of us were in the dark. I think something mysterious is afoot here too.
  11. kmp77

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    Yeah, Coach seems to be a little TOO ok with Larry failing. Thats so unlike him..hmmm......
  12. JWitten

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    Exactly ..... It just seems a little odd that we here are Bill was to nice last year and how things were going to change. Then Allen goes out and fails that test and Bill doesn't really give a S%#t.

    Just seemed a little to out of character for the Bill for me.
  13. JackMagist

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    I agree that BP does seem to be a bit casual about this. But it could be that he knows that LA is in shape from his lifting, he knows what LA is capable of doing on the field, he knows that with a little aerobic work LA will be back on the field and he is ok with testing the young guys in the mean time.
  14. Trag3344

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    when are you guys going to learn? of course bill is going to tell the media he doesnt care and isnt mad. but you know hes worried sick about it, larry allen was the anchor of our o-line last year..
  15. JackMagist

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    When has it ever bothered Parcells to tell the media that he was upset with a player? Terry Glenn still gets called "she" to this day because of Parcells running him down in the media.
  16. Nukeman

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    Multiple choice:

    a) Larry Allen actually failed the test

    b) Various other conspiracy theories/hypotheses

    My answer:

    "a" and if it had anything to do with constipation ( :eek: mental image compliments of LTN), I don't want any more details.
  17. LaTunaNostra

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    Just because public ridicule "worked" in 96 with a supposedly malingering rookie (and of course, Bill was forced by the owner to publically apologize on tv for it), doesn't mean he is going to go with the very same strategy with an esteemed veteran future HOF player he has been trying to get on the same page with for two years.

    Different strokes for different folks, pushing the "right" buttons has always been what Parcells was known for. Larry Allen is not Willie Blade, and ironically, Bill was raked over the coals by some folks these pat few years because it was claimed he just couldn't see that..

    In addition, this year, imo, the media is in for a special dose of 'outsidersville' .

    Bill strongly hinted as much with the opening pc when he said he is "already tired" of the second guessing re Greg and La'Roi.

    If he wants to use the media to shame a player he will.

    But evidently this season, he ain't going in that direction.

    Yet. ;)
  18. LaTunaNostra

    LaTunaNostra He Made the Difference

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    Ha ha!

    I am off this topic as of now.

    But it's freaking mind-boggling, Nukeman, anyone would go with anything OTHER than answer "a".
  19. mmurray21

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    All you need to do is read between the lines on this. They are mentioning Kory Stringer and saying it is less severe than Dan Campbell. The guy just got over heated and maybe a little light headed and failed the physical. Everything said makes sense in this context.
  20. goshan

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    LaTuna is dead on. Of course Larry failed the test.
    But Bill knows that publicly ridiculing him or telling the media he is POed is not the best way to handle this situation based upon his history with Larry, the way the relationship has evolved, Larry's mental makeup, etc.

    I sense the situation with Bill and Larry is still sensitive and one more blow-up could put the nail in the coffin.

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