my team is in the championship-help needed

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by punit328, Dec 20, 2011.

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    My fantasy team made the championship as a #5 seed. I upset the #1 seed last night.

    At Qb, would you go with Joe Flacco Vs Cleveland or Andy Dalton vs Arizona?

    At Defense, would you go with Cincy vs AZ or Chicago vs GB?

    thanks in advance
  2. hipfake08

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    Cincy D.
  3. pjtoadie

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    Flacco and the Cincy D
  4. Tricericon

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    Dalton and Cincy, no question in my mind.

    Dalton is a 3012/18 QB on the year, playing against a defense that has allowed 3369/14. Teams have a lot more rushing TDs than passing TDs against Arizona, but I think that's luck. Their secondary isn't fantastic.

    Flacco is a 3348/17 QB, playing against a 2638/14 defense. Cleveland is actually a very bad fantasy matchup, as their defense in underrated and their offense so bad teams are rarely motivated to score much against them.

    So, we have two approximately equal fantasy QBs playing against very different defenses. The icing on the cake is that Arizona is a western, warm weather team playing in the east, outdoors, in the cold. I realize Cleveland is also @Baltimore but that shouldn't be as much of a disadvantage for them.

    With fantasy defenses, matchup is everything. Chicago has been a consistent scorer all year, but they are on the road against the league's best offense and are likely to get blown out. Cincinnati is middle of the pack, but is playing at home against the John Skelton Experience (or did Kolb get his job back? not that it matters much). While fantasy defenses are even more random than fantasy offenses, the odds favor Cincinnati having the better day.

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