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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by kirkjrk, May 12, 2013.

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    I will not go in depth with my thoughts, but see things possibly looking up for Cowboy fans. Yes, it is premature, and many things can and will happen, but I see hope of finally getting on track to be that team that can contend for playoff contention.

    I looked at the different positions on the team and what our wants/needs might be in 2014. The following are my thoughts:


    Safety--After this season I think we will be set at this position--No picks needed for 2014.

    CB-- Same as above, no picks needed for 2014. Possibly one mid round if they discard Scandrick.

    LB--Probably set at this position and probably no picks needed for 2014.

    DL--AT LEAST TWO PICKS NEEDED FOR 2014. I'm thinking we lose at least two DLinemen after this year. Feel there might be major problems with DL this year. Kiffin/Marinelli will prove to be a Boom or a Bust.


    QB--Set at this position, but see the team using one mid round pick in 2014 for developmental QB.

    RB--Set at this position, but might see a late round pick used.

    TE--Set at this position, no picks needed for 2014.

    WR--Set at this position, no pick needed for 2014.

    OL--AT LEAST TWO PICKS NEEDED FOR 2014. With Livings and Bernadeau being in prime position to discard, the team will be in great shape to finally make a move.

    ST--All positions seem to be set. No picks needed for 2014

    2014, more than any other year, should be the year the team finally addresses both lines. The way it plays out it seems Jerry is forced to do this, but who knows with him.

    As I said earlier, things will change between now and then, but the possibilities are there for the team to be much better after 2014 Draft. Some of these needs could be addressed in FA instead of Draft.

    Your thoughts.
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    On Defense yes I can see at least two D Lineman, this draft does not appear to be as strong in that area as 2013 though. As far as DBs go, if you can get one that you know can cover, there is always room for more of those. Any pass rusher is always welcome too.

    On offense I could see two O Lineman but probably only one that contributes immediately. With regard to the skill positions I dont agree that they wont draft a WR, I think Miles is done here after this year, Williams may be a replacement but difference makers are always a possibility. I think they are always looking at TEs that can play and want to carry four. I would not have extended Romo when they did, I would have let the year play out. If a franchise QB falls to them it would not shock me if they drafted him.
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    This is a good idea. A way too early projection for next year. Look back and see what changed.

    I see our needs as being pretty much the same as this year. Only the DL will be more of an apparent need to our front office than it was this year. We will need several offensive linemen and at least a couple of defensive linemen. There's a good chance we'll be just as needy for a S. CB will be loaded, so that will be our most pressing need. QB may begin to factor into the need mindset.

    We barely addressed the trenches issue and until we do it'll always be the albatross that keeps this team from real contention. No matter how repetitive it is. 2 + 2 always equals 4.
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    I wish I could feel as good about the S and LB spots as you do. Johnson, Wilcox, Magee, and Holloman hardly scream stability to me. Hopefully I'm wrong and at least 1 guy at each spot steps up and emerges, but none of them are sure things at all in my mind.

    But I do agree that next years draft should definitely focus on both lines. Hopefully that actually happens for once.
  5. Tezz

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    I think LB could easily become a "need"... Its unfortunate, but if Bruce Carter and Sean Lee miss a large portion of games next season fans will begin to throw the dreaded injury-prone label around. Sean Lee is in a contract year this season and Bruce Carter is in his next.
  6. TX_Yid

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    There's no way in heck we don't draft at least 3 TEs. Trenches be damned!
  7. HoosierCowboy

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    we will also be able to make more cap room to sign a FA or two
  8. CATCH17

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    You forgot about Will Allen. They know what they will get from him.

    We may bomb at the Safety position but at least we picked up quite a bit of solid talent.

    I got a feeling, without even see'ing him play mind you, that Jakar Hamilton might get an opportunity to play a lot this year.

    I wish we would've taken the same approach with the OL as we did with Safety.
  9. DFWJC

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    Well, if anyone watched this year's draft you know that wants andneeds do not play a the main role in how they draft.

    I'm not sure about round 1, but after that, whether we agreed with their draft board or not, they took BPA for next 6 picks.
    Otherwise, there is no possible chance tey would have taken a TE in the 2nd round or WR in the 3rd given the teams massive needs elsewhere.
  10. TheSport78

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    Totally agree with the OP.

    If Spencer doesn't ink a long-term deal, then DE will be an enormous need.

    My projection 2014 needs:

    1) DE (If Spencer not re-signed)
    2) OT (If Parnell doesn't pan out)
    3) DT (Regardless if Hatcher and/or Ratliff are back)
    4) OG (Hopefully just one of the guard spots if Leary takes over at RG)
    5) QB (Time to start grooming one in a deep QB class)
  11. visionary

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    good post
    agree with those being the likely needs
  12. jterrell

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    Earliest of early assessments for 2014.

    QB: 3rd guy ideally found in late draft. 4th/5th round guy or so you can latch onto.

    RB: Late round FB maybe to keep price down but long shot before round 6.

    TE: May STILL look to add a blocker at TE. But at FB price and slot on team.

    OL: Think they'll consider a r1 RT. Saves them money to get that guy in the draft. May also look OG considering they wanted the top OGs this year.

    WR: Only if BPA by far. Not a consideration early IMHO.

    DE: An r1 consideration/need for sure unless Spencer is extended. A nickel pass rusher is value fits. How Crawford shows this year will be key.

    DT: R1 for that Warren Sapp type if he is there. A mid round type if BPA comes to them. A lot depends on Josh Brent outcome. Ratliff/Hatcher should both return before they keep Miles Austin or Orlando Scandrick.

    LB: Really well stocked with starters but depth is a concern unless Magee and Holloman can flat play. Could be another late round LB or two.

    CB: Mid round guy makes sense if value is right. Scandrick probably gone unless he shows a flair for this system.

    S: Biggest wildcard position. Lots of youth on display and until we see that hard to define position. Johnson, Church, Wilcox basically unknown. If 2 of the 3 can play we'll likely be standing pat at S. If they can't we'll be looking at r1 options here or a free agent prize.
  13. CopenhagenCowboy

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    They needed one interior OL, one ready to go TE, one WR to stretch the field and challenge Austin, one FS to add to the mix, one depth/slot CB, one number two RB plus LB competition.

    It was a need draft to the fullest extent.

    You and I may agree that they needed three or four OL, two or three DL etc. That's not what the Dallas Cowboys front office believed - in this draft.
  14. ghst187

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    desperately need OL and DL and unless someone at another position unexpectedly drops....all picks should be OL and DL
  15. tm1119

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    What's that? A backup? Honestly wouldn't shock me if Will Allen is this years Brodney Pool and gets cut. If they really like Jakar Hamilton and he outplays Allen in camp he could easily be cut. If Matt Johnson stays healthy and shows the ability to be a starter Will Allen could be cut with Wilcox, Hamilton, and McCray being the backups at safety.
  16. visionary

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    best case IMO if our safety group can show enough to cut allen
  17. tm1119

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    I agree. And adversely, the worst case scenario is if they don't show enough and Allen is a starter.
  18. Questfor6

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    Trade the farm for Clowney, that is all.
  19. CATCH17

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    You said none of them are sure things. Well Will Allen is a sure thing. They know what they're getting from him.

    Not saying he is a an all pro but they know exactly what he is.
  20. Future

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    McCray will be gone long before Allen is.

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