My thoughts on Jason Garrett, and overall coaching

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by brymatt94, Feb 15, 2014.

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    That goes back to the question of how many times have we outcoached our opponents. Sady the answer is not very many.
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    As long as we're entertained.

    Quit being spoiled.
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    Eh. I don't know about that. I think fans chalk up wins as just our talent, that amazing talent base we have, winning out. But when we lose it's those darn incompetent coaches failing to win with such a stacked deck.

    All I know is this team looks to me to be a mediocre group in a bad league and their 8-8 final record reflects that. So I have a hard time blaming the coaches.
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    So if the talent is so mediocre, why would we be in a position each year to possibly back into the playoffs?

    We are overachieving? Weak division?
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    Because of the state of the league. 8-7 can get you a win or go home season finale. It's not really much to brag about.
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    He is exactly what he appears to be: a politician who knows how to say the right things and can influence people. I think it is great he has buy in from Romo, Witten and Ware. Does he have buy in from the non-superstars? The ones who do not have the big contracts? Does he know how or is capable of producing a 53-man roster that plays off of its own strengths and weaknesses? Is he capable of preparing his team to face and overcome more talented opponents to build confidence?

    I just see a lot of phony fake behavior from him and his team often behaves that way.
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    I did not say that as a source of pride. The league is parity-filled and teams go from worst to first in just one offseason. We have somehow managed the impossible for three years in a row, being there but gosh darn it cannot win that one last game. One less icing of the kicker, one less "lost in the lights" pass, one less handing Green Bay the football game and things are different. A different coach might win that one game, even by accident.
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    I doubt it. At least not a coach emasculated like Garrett's been.

    But even if that's the case, who cares? None of those teams were going to win anything. Does getting molested in the wild card round do anything for you?

    When you look at the Dallas Cowboys this offseason you see Jason Garrett as what is keeping this team from winning another title? Tell me this isn't the case. We can't evaluate him until he's been in a position to succeed. No matter how frustrating that can be.

    He took a mediocre team to an 8-8 record last season. Seems right to me. I can only blame the coaches when I feel the team underachieved. I do not think this is the case. This is a team that lacks talent and also lacks the environment for coaches to develop that talent.
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    The examples of kids teams that win because they are loaded has no relevence to NFL teams that ALL have the best athletes in the planet. We have heard this season from who generally worship garrett how the players do not take stretching drills seriously and how they watch less film than other teams. Hence we have the most injured team and the worst defense in the league. You can blame the DC and the strength coach if you want to give JG a free pass. But why even have a head coach if he is not the man in charge. Do you think the players in New England who won superbowls with this strength coach were halfassing workouts? NO because they new their head coach would not allow it. I am sure he is BFF with every player and that means NOTHING when it comes to winning as proveb by 3 and half years os sucking.
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  10. Alexander

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    Garrett is emasculated to an even greater degree because he allows it. Someone with stronger convictions would have walked off when publicly described as a trainee by his own boss. Even if they hung around to collect millions in salary, you probably would sense some response to that. He did not bat an eye and appears like it did not even register, perhaps his emotion chip was not installed properly. That is worst kind of coach that could be here. Not that there are many that can succeed but there is nothing else to hope other than varying degrees on how the coach deals with the handicaps Jones' structure provides.
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    This is not about what you admire or abhor about your position or HC.

    Its about results.

    Take any top coach in the NFL and they don't get there without their players playing to their best ability.

    They don't have to love their coaches..they need to play for their coaches.

    I have not thought this team has really played for their coach since Parcells left.

    Phillips was like Switzer..he inherited a team with some ability but it didn't go very far.

    Becuz the players were not willing to play 4 Qts. in ALL 3 phases of the game for them for 16 games+

    Garrett is in the same mold as Switzer and Phillips.

    That's why we are where we are.
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    Garrett knew what he was signing up for. He agreed to it. It's as much his fault as it is Jerry's.
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    Not really.

    I realize this is the latest rant from the genius fan base trying to scapegoat another head coach but Jason Garrett is not Bill Parcells. He doesn't have the skins on the wall to force this lunatic owner to make concessions in order to get him to coach here. He's trying to make due with the hand being dealt here because this is the team he wants to coach for.

    I don't blame Jason Garrett for that. I blame Jerry Jones.
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    Saying Garrett is or has been emasculated is just pure speculation and fantasy.

    The bottom line is that every HC in the NFL is a good football coach. And good coaches in almost all scenarios are respected and loved by their players. Sure there are exceptions, and always some players that might not feel the love, but players loving and respecting coaches is nothing new, nor is it something out of the ordinary.

    I know some fans really want to hang on to and believe that Red _ is building something really special and unique, and pump the future sunshine believing it will all work out to multiple runs with the foundation he is laying, but the truth is, so far we have seen mediocrity and coaching mistakes as the true defining characteristic that is the halo around the red head.

    For all the positives some want to point to in favor of the great foundation Red _ is laying, he's simply doing what any good coach would do. And so far, he's done absolutely nothing to suggest that he is some future bright and great HC. And after 3 1/2 yrs we pretty much know what we have in him.

    There have been no significant signs of any improvement. Will one more year make any real difference? Its possible, but more than likely we know how the season ends. We've been thru it 3 years in a row now and the track record is what it is for a reason.

    I really like the guy, but as a fan I want wins. Its a results league. In the NFL all that matters is wins. So far Red _ has done NOTHING to show that he is a WINNER, or has a WINNING formula for his team.
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    I blame them both, but I guess we just disagree.
  16. ScipioCowboy

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    There's so much truth in this, and it applies well beyond whether or not Garrett has been emasculated. We as fans cannot possibly know certain things, such as who's a good leader and who isn't, who has the right attitude and who doesn't, the rationale behind certain play calls. We can only judge by the end product, and the Cowboys' end product undoubtedly indicates a problem. We just can't know precisely what it is.
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    Again, the 2010 Cowboys lost 5 games by 7 points or less and Wade was crucified.

    WOOOOOOOOO effort!!!

    Uh No.
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    Every coach in the league had to EARN it. You see Carroll's resume? Bellichiks? They learned under winners and paid their dues. Jason? Not so much.
  19. Alexander

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    He has been around Jerry Jones as a player and as an assistant.

    You mean to tell me he is blindsided by his behavior? I think he is smart enough to figure that out, or at least get the right answer when he enters it into his database.

    If Vince Lombardi reincarnated and came here with this job, his main focus would be to find a way to keep Jerry thinking he really is playing with the toys when he really is not. At the end of the day, everyone is an employee.

    Jones did not back down fully with Bill Parcells coaching this team. No "skins on the wall" coach is going to do any different.
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    Exactly......................the same guys that were calling for Wade's head are now saying Garrett needs more time, that 4 years is not enough time to break 500.............LOL

    Apparently what is important to the Garrett fanboys is moral victories and trying your best............everybody gets participation trophies and ice cream after the game.

    Funny how the mantra for Wade was "winning is all that matters" and now the mantra for Garrett is "who wants sprinkles on their ice cream".......................LOL
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