My thoughts on the game tonight.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wolverine, Aug 14, 2005.

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    Ok lets all just be glad this was our 1st preseason game and not our last one. The way I see it we can only get better. It would be pretty hard to play much worse then tonight.

    Players that really did good tonight were Henry and T-New. Nice to have 2 very good CBs. Ware was showing some stuff and he will only get better.

    Bledsoe had a bad game but lets see how he does next game. I was pissed at how bad he played but then when he has no time to throw what can you expect.

    Romo did good. He would have lead us to 2nd score until Torin Tucker did everything he could to kill the drive for us.

    Henson did better then his numbers show. He needed a game like this tonight to get some confidence going and I think he could be ok. I am not as down about him as I was before.

    Tyson Thompson. WOW!!!! This guy is a keeper. Get him some plays with the 1st team. Seriously!!!

    As for tonights loss.....well you can blame the entire loss on our sorry excuse for a OL. They lost the game all by themself tonight. Romo had us deep in AZ territory only to go to 3rd and 50 and be put outta FG range.

    Then on the 48 yard FG attempt by Cundiff our OL once again came through for the Cardinals and gave them the game.

    If I were BP I would make the OL wear Cardinal Jerseys until our next preseason game since it was obvious they were playing for the Cards and not the Cowboys.

    Torin Tucker deserves the game ball for tonight.....only thing is it would be the game ball from the Cards.

    As usual no pressure on the QB. But thats no surprise. As long as Mike Zimmer is DC we will never get pressure on the QB.

    Oh well. Lets look forward to next weeks game. Things I think will get better and I am gonna predict Bledsoe will do better. I think we will see alota improvement next game.

    Good news is some sucky players will be cut. Thank God that Tucker will probaly be the 1st one cut.

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