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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Oct 20, 2013.

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    Im going to start this with something a little controversial. And i never thought id feel this way because i was on this guys bandwagon since before he was on anybodys radar and when 99% of Cowboy fans were on Merrimans jock. Ware is becoming less and less of a necessity to this scheme.

    Marinelli is proving that he doesnt need superstars on his DL but guys who go all out and stick to the system. The stick to their gaps and play together. McCoy was a nonfactor today.

    Lee and Carter are back 100% and are showing us fans what they thought about these guys coming out of college. Carter had some hickups this yr but he's back. Guy is quick to the ball and is using his head instead of just his athletic ability now. I think he got caught up in trying to make a play and he got burned a few times. Now he's learning stick to his assignment and the plays will come.

    Wilcox is growing by the week. He's the future at SS, but i still feel church is a liabilty at FS. Dallas needs to address this, this offseason. Playing Church in certain packages will be better for him and this team.

    These RBs Dallas has are not going to cut it plain and simple. There was holes and they just didnt hit them today. Randle IMO is Julius Jones all over. You can see it in his running, and it didnt hit me until i realised the number lol. Wouldnt hurt to bring up Meggett.

    Cole Beasly should be ahead of Harris no ifs ands or buts. Should even be ahead of Miles. Austin is an afterthought. CBs just cant seem to stay with Beasly after his intial cut. Quick with great hands.

    I think we are seeing the decline of Romo. And its starting to show. He's lost a little on his throws and alot of his accuracy if you ask me. They need to draft his replacement this yr and cut him after next yr. Derek Carr is the guy im hoping for.

    Hatcher IDC what anybody says. Is a must sign. He blows up the entire middle of the line. People say he's playing for a contract. First he was playing DE in a 3-4, BUT when they moved him inside he always blew up the middle of the pocket. We are just seeing it consistently now because he is a DT in a 4-3.

    Nevis is the guy that does all the dirty work. I love this guys motor.

    Harris seems like he found his place and thats special teams. I think this team wanted more from him on the O side of the game but he's not going to produce consistently ever. But in the special teams he's a dominating force. Thats his place and thats where he should stay.

    This OL had a so-so game and few penalties on Free but he saved Dallas on his FS at the goalline. Romo was going to be killed.

    Carr MO and Scan have really picked up their game. Or should i said are allowed to play their game now with more man up play being allowed by Kiffin. It was obvious that Zone mess was allowing too much inside. This team is going to allow some things but since they switched to more man the payoff has been better results and wins.

    This DEF shut down a Offense that killed a good bucs defense just a week ago. With Foles playing QB. Theres no question that Kiffin and Marinelli had a great gameplan today. McCoy and Celek i thought would be the problems but Kiffin made both non-**'n-Factors.

    Go Cowboys 1st place
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    Something definitely isn't right with the guy, maybe he's injured? The last two weeks, his accuracy and touch have been way off. Good post.
  3. Idgit

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    Seriously? I can't believe this is a serious point you just snuck in there. We're not cutting Romo after next season, no matter what happens with any bottom-roster QB.
  4. LatinMind

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    Its been this way all yr tho. I think that back surgery was for more than just a cyst.
  5. Section444

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    Even if we wanted to, we couldn't afford it.
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  6. Section444

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    I think so too. We'll see, maybe he's just in a funk or something.
  7. Idgit

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    The two weeks following his 550 yards and 5 TD game, you mean? You guys are, seriously, unbelievable. On a side note, congrats to Tony for throwing for more yards in his first 100 games than anybody in the history of ever.
  8. Idgit

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    Right. Also, we don't want to. Because we're not totally ********.
  9. Section444

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    I'm not calling for the guy to be cut or anything, but he definitely hasn't been right the last couple of weeks. And absolutely, congrats to him on an amazing accomplishment, I hope he can continue to be productive for a couple more years.
  10. lwehlers

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    there is no way tony romo is going anywhere. his contract for one would wreck this team and also I really do not see a decline yet.
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    I had no idea about the stat until today, not even knowing that it was obtainable for him in his 100th start, already passing Peyton and every other qb minus Marino and warner before the game. Remarkable for an undrafted qb from Eastern Illinois. I love it.
  12. Idgit

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    Yeah, I think that was a stat that Tony himself wasn't aware of until asked about it at his locker on Thursday. :) It's pretty interesting, and, honestly, I'm surprised by it. I knew he put up a ton of yards, but didn't think he'd top that category. Mostly because there are guys like Brees who are his contemporaries, and they tend to distract from his totals with great yardage seasons of their own.
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    I don't get the idea of cutting Romo, he finally has a line in front of him and a lot of weapons. We have built the entire team around him, love the OP but I don't get that idea whatsoever.

    At one point today Aikman said he sees something different in Romo this year. My reaction was "No kidding, Troy". Troy is a tactician, it was all about execution with him and if the team executed, Troy would win every single time.

    Romo is a gunslinger, only he has a good OL in front of him for the first time and multiple targets to throw to. Its like a cop that is assigned to a SWAT team in Detroit and then transferred to be a mall cop in Ames, Iowa. He acts differently because he isn't a gun fight every day and Romo behind the OL's of the last several years were gun fights of the QB variety.
  14. reddyuta

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    does anybody think we struggle against the 3-4? our ol has problems when we play a 3-4 team.
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  15. Section444

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    If only he were five years younger like Manning was when he started his 100th game, imagine what the future would hold.
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  16. CooterBrown

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    After the Eagles kicked their piddly little field goal, they pooched it and gave the Cowboys the ball at the 27 rather than kick it to Harris. That is the kind of respect normally reserved for Hester.
  17. Idgit

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    I was considering that during the 3rd quarter this week. I can't imagine we do, given how much experience we've got against it. I think it's a small sample. KC is legit, and both PHI and SD played over their heads against us. We did throw for 320 on them, and were playing without our top-two backs in the running game.
  18. ejwilson1984

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    I dont think Romo is losing a step or A LOT of his accuracy. He's completing 70% of his passes so far.

    And I think the oline had a horrible game with the penalties, pass blocking and no running lanes. I seen guys off the edge about 2-3 different times come untouched.
  19. Corso

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    The reports of Tony Romo's demise are being greatly exaggerated.
  20. 5Stars

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    Well, Romo did throw 2 INT's today, so maybe he does need to be replaced. The guy is clearly losing it and looks like he does not know what to do anymore with the ball. He looks tired, slow, and cannot seen to make the right reads.

    He easily could have had at least 3 more TD's if his head was in the game! Romo was lucky that the refs gave him this game.
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