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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DrunkWithPower, Oct 23, 2005.

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    Once again we run the ball time after time in the red zone with no play action until third down, only to watch the opposing team play-action us on second down and score. And yes, who doesn't know someone is throwing the ball when they're in a third and 8...

    Time after time we hold them the whole game and miraculously they march down the field and score in the final two minutes. This is not the players! This is the play-calling and the defensive scheme! It happens every week so something needs to change. If it's Parcells then he needs to figure out this isn't smash-mouth football anymore - games can be won in one play! The team played hard the entire game but I think the game plan was lacking. Sorry but I feel cheated!
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    What'da mean.........we had Bledsoe running a QB sweep ala M. Vick--------lucky we ddint loose him for the season, wouldve been the same injury as in Buffala last yr

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