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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboysfan31, Feb 4, 2008.

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    1a. Antoine Cason CB Arizona- McKelvin and DRC would be nice, but them shooting up the boards is a blessing in disguise because it pushes Cason into our range. He isn't a speedster, but he is smart, instinctive, and not afraid to get physical.

    1b. Early Doucet WR LSU- Before getting injured at the senior bowl, this guy was the best receiver on the North squad. He was quick and crisp in and out of his break, caught the ball cleanly, showed the ability to go deep....he did just about everything you could want from a WR. Mike Nolan sounded like he had a man-crush on him during senior bowl interviews. I think that this guys can develop into a #1 WR and be able to contribute immediately.

    2. Chris Johnson RB ECU- Was only able to start 5 games in 2006 due to a neck surgery, and then also injured his shoulder this year at the senior bowl. If he is not able to work out I think he starts to fall, but he would be a good value right here. The 2-back system should help keep him healthy and he'll provide a real spark in the backfield and in the return game.

    3. Tom Zbikowski S Notre Dame- Under-rated speed and cover skills will make him fall, but he was able to stick with everyone at the Senior Bowl and also showed the ability to be a dangerous return man. Z was also a boxer for awhile with a 75-15 amateur record and 1-0 pro record. He's got the kind of mentality this team needs.

    4. Mike McGlynn OL Pittsburgh- At 6'5" 310lbs this guy is an absolute mauler. He can and has played every position on the offensive line (including LS) and has a skill set that can thrive wit Houck in charge.

    5. Josh Johnson QB San Diego- He's got a similar skill set to Romo, but like Romo he is very raw right now. He's got a good arm and is accurate, but the ball comes out of his hand awkwardly right now, and he could stand to bulk up. Good project QB/ eventual backup for Romo.

    6. Jason Shirley NT Fresno St- Shirley has struggled with immaturity and inconsistency throughout his college career, but at 6'5" 338lbs I think at this point in the draft he's worth a shot. He has been unblockable at times in both the Hula Bowl and Texas vs. The Nation. He's got a strong initial punch, and he's also got a good bull rush and swim/rip move. Wade was able to reign in Ted Washington when he was young, if he can do the same here we might end up with a heck of a player.

    7. Jameel McClain LB/DE Syracuse- He's played both LB and DE in college, but projects to ILB in the NFL. His big body and good speed help to stuff the run inside and blitz effectively, but he's also quick enough to drop into coverage.

    In addition to this draft, in free agency I would try to sign the following players:

    Bryant Johnson WR AZ Cardinals- Big WR that can run good routes and can catch the ball, but was overshadowed in AZ. (Contract guess- 4 year/$18 million and $7mil bonus)

    Randall Gay CB Pats- Samuels, Trufant, Asomuga, and probably Florence are going to get mega contracts that they probably don't deserve and won't play up to. Gay isn't a great player, but he's solid and he's got extensive experience playing in the 3-4 and on playoff/winning teams. (Contract guess- 2 year/$6mil and $3.5mil bonus)

    Victor Hobson ILB Jets- He's been mis-cast as an OLB in NY, but he played ILB at Michigan and I think he'd been a great fit on the inside for us. He's got the size to be effective agasint the run, blitz on the inside, and he can drop into coverage. (Contract guess- 3 year/$10mil and $4mil bonus)
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    Mock Draft may not be the right description.

    Wet Dream Scenario probably fits a little better. Mock Drafts are usually best when the entire rounds are mocked.

    Decent picks though.
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    Hey I would extremely happy if the draft fell this way... I dont think Doucet falls that far though.. If DRC is there at 22 i would hope that Jerry would pull the trigger.... I dont like the Bryant Johnson pick up though, he's not reliable.When given chances he doesnt shine to bright.
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    Hmmm...some interesting picks. They somehow seem familiar....
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    your 1st 4 picks, and having Josh Johnson in your mock, is exactly how I did an earlier mock of mine

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