News: MySA: Did long camp exhaust Cowboys?

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    By Tom Orsborn - Express-News
    Web Posted: 08/30/2010 12:00 CDT

    HOUSTON — From a marketing standpoint, the Dallas Cowboys' five-week training camp was wildly successful.
    The multi-city affair included two weeks of practice inside the climate-controlled Alamodome and two weeks in breezy Oxnard, Calif., and attracted nearly 300,000 fans.

    But did it also leave the players worn out?

    It's a notion owner Jerry Jones quickly dismissed.

    Although they appeared sluggish and unfocused in absorbing a 23-7 stomping at the hands of the Houston Texans on Saturday night, the Cowboys entered Reliant Stadium “very rested,” Jones said.

    “This past week (in Oxnard), we had a very light week, and we had it in great weather,” Jones told reporters after the game. “Apart from the fact you're at the end of a four- or five-week run, you might point to it, but I wouldn't think (fatigue was a problem) after the week we had.”

    After the starters struggled in the 16-14 win over San Diego, Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips called the team tired. Determined to rejuvenate it, he held plenty of walkthroughs last week.

    “That can't be an excuse,” tight end Jason Witten said of the lengthy camp. “That's training camp. That's part of it.”

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    Light week huh?

    Doubtful they get another one.
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    Did long camp exhaust Cowboys?

    Yeah...I think they had two extra cupcakes. That would exhaust anyone.

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