News: MySA: McAngel – these wings lifted Garrett

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    Buck Harvey

    ARLINGTON — As a backup defensive back, Bryan McCann isn’t perfect. SMU listed him at 6 feet, and the Cowboys now list him 2 inches shorter. Up close, he looks even smaller.
    But as an angel? Jason Garrett couldn’t find anyone better. Not only has McCann made two game-changing plays in two weeks — perhaps career-changing for Garrett — he also represents what Garrett wants to instill in this team.

    Professionalism. Awareness. And a feeling that good things are possible.

    McCann would grin at all of that, because he did Sunday. His teammates kidded him, and the media crowded him, and he couldn’t stop smiling.

    When did he get the magic? His answer was less than supernatural. “Just trying to be heads-up,” he said.

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    So McCann's 5'10" with 4.28 speed, obviously good hands, smart & a hard worker. We don't need him at WR, but with proper secondary coaching he should certainly help us--whether at CB or S.

    Would love to see him get another INT or return for a TD on Thanksgiving Day--along with helping us beat the Saints.

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