News: MySA: Ratliff takes Cowboys center to school

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 27, 2010.

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    By Tom Orsborn- Express-News

    Web Posted: 08/26/2010 9:21 CDT

    OXNARD, Calif. - At 6 foot 4, 303 pounds, Jay Ratliff knows firsthand the challenges undersized players face in NFL trenches.
    That’s one of the reasons the Pro Bowl nose guard spent nearly 30 minutes after practice tutoring rookie center Phil Costa.

    The Maryland alum is 6-3, 310 pounds. Just as Ratliff is undersized for an NFL nose guard, Costa is on the small side for a center.

    Ratliff’s message to Costa: Master the technique of playing your position.
    “And if you get the opportunity to be crafty, do that,” Ratliff said. “If you look at all the great centers in the league, like Kevin Mawae, (Nick) Mangold, they use their hands very well. They are very good with technique, that’s something we have to do being undersized in this league.”

    Costa requested the tutorial. Afterward, he said Ratliff “showed me stuff I’ve never ever seen.”

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    That is good advice by Ratliff.
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    While it's definitely good advice from Ratliff, and technique is highly important for any offensive/defensive linemen, I tend to think the discussion of Ratliff being undersized is a little blown out of proportion for one reason: He's not fat.

    If you look at most NTs that play in 3-4s, they might run 330 pounds, but it's usually because they carry a lot of fat. Ratliff is pretty lean for 303. He could eat more fried chicken and be 330 too, but all it would do is make him get winded faster and make him lose quickness.

    It's not like being 330 with 25 extra pounds of fat gives you any advantage over a 300 pound guy who is just as muscular but without the fat. People just expect O and D Linemen to be fat because most of them don't have the discipline to put on enough muscle to be 300 at 15% body fat instead of 330 with ~22%
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    We have some good kids this year ......

    I love that they are taking advantage of every chance at learning.

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