News: MySA: Romo should stay on sideline

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    Tom Orsborn

    ARLINGTON — When it comes to politics, Roy Williams is as apathetic as they come.

    “I don't vote for the president,” he said. “I just go with the flow. Whatever they say is what we do. I don't do that politics stuff. If I got to pay taxes, I've got to pay them. That's it.”

    Quarterbacks, though, are a different matter. Williams always has an opinion about who throws him the ball.

    And lately, he's been indicating that he'd prefer that man to be Jon Kitna.

    “He is communicating with all the receivers and the tight ends and the backs and linemen,” Williams said of his former Detroit teammate. “Everybody loves him half to death. He's playing well. That's my guy.”

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    Having Jon Kitna as the starter is a real plus... I like his leadership on the field and off it. Hopefully Romo is learning from him.

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