Nate Newton Speaks

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Feb 6, 2013.

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    I don't think we are saying opposite things so much as emphasizing different areas.

    Marty B, btw, has more NFL starts than Bates had in 15 years even though MartyB played behind a Hall of Fame TE until last year. Hard to use him as an example because he has had a better NFL career than Bates even though he has far less mental fortitude and desire according to anyone with an opinion.

    Felix Jones issue is attitude. You can't have great desire plus get fat and out of shape playing RB. Those two don't happen in concert.

    But Sean Lee has great desire and attitude. And his getting hurt for playing perhaps too hard killed Dallas on defense. :Ranked top 3 with him and ranked 31st without him. Obviously other players were also hurt along the way but point is clear that this team lost a lot of talent. And losing talent hurts no matter the attitude.

    Nate Newton has a personal world view that he wasn't a great OL but played with the proper desire and attitude. I get that. But I also get that Nate had a heck of a lot of talent too. He wasn't some spare. He was a big guy who had good technique. He started every game he played for a dozen years. He made Pro Bowls in half those dozen seasons.

    I fully support Jg and his RKoG theory. I am not poo-pooing that at all. But end of the day you must add talent. So you start with talent and then you remove he attitude issues. You don't start with a good attitude and then start removing guys for lacking talent. Mother Teresa and MLK would have made terrible NFL athletes. T.O. was a certified draft steal.
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    We can leave it at this. I agree the 4th quarters are good to see. I am just trying to present that the other 3 quarters, where things are going awry say something too and that is where I have an issue...consistently seeming to come out of the gate unprepared or however we want to state it. Thanks for the good talk.

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