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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 10, 2012.

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    there isn't a for sure player in the draft. You never really know.

    Please tell me these 2nd round players, I see some to Andre Branch or Cam Johnson but we need a starter day one. We should have looked for one of these guys last year or two years ago besides waiting till now. I don't trust Butler in coverage or vs the run. Much more to playing SOLB in a 3-4 than just rushing the passer.

    If there is a true elite passer rusher to take in a draft then that means we have to be in the top 5 to get a player like Von Miller. I hope thats never the case.

    Our OL could run the ball, our RB got hurt, how do you think Murrey got almost 1000 yards in such few games. Do you remember the NE game, or NY jets game, or the first Giants game, or the Cards game. Where all our defense had to do was make one stop but couldn't, or the Detroit game where our offense scored points but we couldn't get a sack to save our lives or our CBs couldn't cover.

    If we are sitting at 14 and Ingram and Upshaw are gone and we can't trade back then take DeCastro and don't reach, I just value OLB in a 3-4 and CB in the first more than a OG in the 1st.

    Parcelles said you can't have enough LBs in a 3-4. Jimmy Johnson said you can't have enough DBs, never heard a hall of fame or great coach ever say you have to draft a OG in the 1st round.
  2. supercowboy8

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    Coples isn't on of my pets

    so you don't think our defense doesn't need an upgrade?
    Do you really think we can just get DeCastro and keep the same defense and make the playoffs next year?

    If so then thats just sad.

    I'm not saying don't upgrade the OL, where have I ever said that. I'm saying you can get a true starting OG in the 2nd round.

    If you have seen Upshaw, Ingram, or Hightower play before then you would know what values they would bring to a 3-4 defense at SOLB, if not then you not that great at evaluating players.

    Do you not think Brandon Washington, Osemele, Zeitler, or Silatolu are good players? Do you not think they can start day one and improve our OL? I do and that what I want to do. I want to come out of this draft with improving as many positions as we can to make this team better. IF you just improve one OG position by drafting DeCastro at 14 and say get a CB in the 2nd then you don't improve SOLB and this defense has actually downgraded. If I draft a SOLB like Hightower and get an extra 2nd and walk out with a CB and OG in the 2nd then I improved 3 posotions.

    You can see it your way and I can see it my way and you will never be able to change my mind by saying DeCastro is the only answer at OG.
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    DeCastro is considered one of the more " sure things " in this draft . He has a lot less bust potential than Upshaw and Ingram .
    Since this thread is a National Football Post thread , I will give you a few names that came from the site concerning some pass rushers with late first/early second grades . Curry , Mercilus , Branch , Johnson and could throw Perry in there if you want . Some of these guys are better pure pass rushers than Upshaw or Ingram .
    From what you are saying , I conclude that you had rather settle for a OLB that has average pass rush skills than take an elite guard . We have that type of OLB now with Spencer . In case you have not noticed , the Cowboys could only run until they needed they had to . They were terrible in the red zone and in situations that required them to run time out .
    I had rather get one of these guys in the second round and rotate with Butler until they are ready to take over . There is no need to reach for an average pass rusher in the first just to say that the position has been addressed . As I stated before , next year's draft will fill more holes . The smart thing to do , is draft to the strengths of the talent .
    This team is not going to get fixed in one draft . No need in trying to fill positions with players that will not be an upgrade .
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    May I ask what history? The Cowboy Draft of Olinemen history is horrendeous.:banghead:

    Except for Tron- a first Rd choice,the cowboys stink at drafting Olinemen.

    From 1999 to 2010, !2yrs. - Cowboy's miss Ratio is 88% on Olineman. :mad:

    That means that of 17 drafted Olinemen, they have only hit on two -Free2007 and Guorode2002.:eek: Guorode is no longer with the team.

    All other NFL teams draft history does not count for beans as far as the cowboys are concerned.....:D

    The word on the JAGS (Nagy (7th Rd), Kowalski (URFA), Arkin (4thRd), Costa) is still to be determined, but in my opinion, based on 12yrs of Cowboy draft history, I won't be holding my breath. :starspin

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