National writer: Cowboys will feel impact of passing on Jalen Ramsey with no Carr, Claiborne

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Alexander, Mar 20, 2017.

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    I doubt he would have been the impact player on defense here. We have very little pass rush, we give QB's to much time to sit in the pocket, at times that makes covering very difficult for guys in the defensive backfield. We need to first get a decent pass rush, and a consistent push from our front four, then the defensive backfield will come together...
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    It doesn't matter who we took at #4. The draft is "damned if you do, damned if you don't". FA is the same. If you overpay for your FA's, you're damned. If you let them walk, you're damned. Way to stick your neck out there Pete.....
  3. CanadianCowboysFan

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    I love how he says, wait five years. Of course, if Ramsey plays longer than Zeke, he will say see see see told you
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    Whoever wrote this is full of ssshhh...never mind. Wow it's been a strange day so I'm just going to shut up. Can't guarantee how long that will last, done with this thread though.
  5. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Complete bull****....
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    I guess that showed him.
  7. plasticman

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    I hate it when national writers attempt to analyze the Cowboys. They read a stat or two, now they are experts

    So according to this guy, who has "the pulse" of the team:

    The Cowboys made a mistake by drafting a record breaking RB to run behind an offensive line with three All-pros thus taking the pressure of a starting rookie QB drafted in the 4th round. This is because we should have anticipated not keeping a starting CB in a squad of DB's that ranked 27th last season in INT's and 25th in the past three seasons combined. do you ever replace those lofty numbers?

    Well, instead of drafting a 1st team All-Pro RB in his rookie season, you get a rookie CB who got his first INT in week #15 off Brock Osweiller and his other INT the following week in garbage time against Matt Cassell. Yep, sure could have used those two INT's. Why, that's the same number of INT's for both Carr and Claiborne combined. You know, those guys we will sorely miss.

    The epitome of journalistic excellence....take a bow, Mr. Prisco....By the way, I'm sure you agree the Cowboys are going to miss Lance Dunbar...which is why they should have taken Devontae Booker in the 4th round instead of Dak Prescott.....right, genius?
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    That dig is applied to millennials and this guy is about 25 years old to be one.

    In my experience it is older men that exhibit this trait and that is doubly so when it's older men dealing with younger men and women.
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  9. ChronicCowboy

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    Did this dude watch Zeke play this year? Best pick ever! **** of here with jalen Ramsey.
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  10. Fletch

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    With the help of the Offensive Rookie of the Year! And don't forget it! :p
  11. Fletch

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  12. DFWJC

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    I've always been in the camp that you can find really good RBs later. Just look at the top 10 rushers every year....the list is full of guys taken after the 1st round (let alone the 4th overall pick or the value of 2 normal 1st rounders).
    And sure enough, the Bears got the NFLs 2nd leading rusher, Pro Bowl rookie Jordan Howard, in the 5th round last year.

    But Zeke is elite.
    To take him that early he HAD to be an elite RB, and he lived up to it.
    Cant really regret that!
  13. Doomsday101

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    I liked Ramsey entering the draft, but Cowboys made their choice in Zeke and I have no regrets at all on taking him. He was such a big part of the offensive success of this team. Clearly Cowboys need to address issues on defense and I feel that they will do so but I think it is a waste of time looking backwards
  14. DCBoysfan

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    I admit I wanted Ramsey last year, but at some point you have to admit you were wrong, I'm glad I was wrong.
  15. Toruk_Makto

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    I mean...he's not wrong.

    We should have taken Ramsey.

    Look at it this way. Zeke is the 8th most expensive RB in football on a rookie deal. He couldn't sniff the top 10 for the defensive back market. What makes it even worse is that everyone else in the top 10 of the RB paid market except for Bell was either a free agent at one point or acquired cheaply in a trade. That means we could have spent top 6 money on RB free agency, be paying the same money at the position and not have spent the 4th overall pick on a freaking RB. As a reminder that list of top 10 backs does not include Peterson, Charles or any guy who signed this offseason outside of the newly signed RB in San Francisco (Kyle Juszczyk).

    Had we then simply spent money in RB free agency we could have then turned around and acquired a CB for 5 years who was an elite prospect and will be severely underpaid relative to his position from day 1. Whereas Zeke is expensive for his position day 1. And please spare me how good Zeke was behind our line. Old man McFadden dusted off a 3 year sub 4 yard per carry career that was heading nowhere fast and ran for over 1k at a 4.6 yard per carry clip. Murray had one of the best RB seasons in history behind this line and he played for peanuts under a 3rd round contract. Almost any average to above average RB would produce in our system behind this line. We terribly mismanaged the decision making process with Zeke.

    It did not make sense then. It does not make sense now.
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  16. Toruk_Makto

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    How were you wrong?

    Jalen lived up to being a top 5 pick. So did Zeke. At least in year 1.

    Now the question you have to ask yourself is would you rather have an elite defensive back or an elite RB? We know the DB is currently underpaid relative to his position and will likely have a longer peak career. We know the RB is currently being paid a top 10 guaranteed salary relative to his position and will likely have a shorter peak career. You know the elite DB is harder to acquire in free agency and through trade. You know the elite RB is easier to acquire in free agency and through trade.

    This was a no brainer. And unfortunately we did not use our brain.
  17. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    This upcoming draft will tell us if this was the right decision. If the Cowboys wet the bed in the draft and don't find a minimum of two starting defensive players, it was a bad decision.
  18. DCBoysfan

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    IMO I think Zeke's impact on the offense and team as a whole was bigger than it would have been of we took Ramsey.
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  19. Toruk_Makto

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    And I think that's probably exaggerated. And even if it's true it does not outweigh the other differences: relative cost, relative longevity, and relative availability of similar talent in free agency, etc.
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    water is wet.

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