NBCSports: Eighth Circuit’s “serious doubts” fuel apparently powerful argument

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    Eighth Circuit’s “serious doubts” fuel apparently powerful argument by players
    Posted by Mike Florio on May 21, 2011, 10:39 PM EDT


    After spending two hours at the Nike outlet store near Washington, Pa. waiting for Florio Jr. to pick out new shoes and T-shirts and shorts, I decided to do something far less tedious when I got home.

    I read the 89-page brief filed by the players who have sued the NFL for various antitrust violations, with the initial goal of overturning the lockout. The document bears the names of 13 lawyers, some of whom possibly charge in excess of $1,000 per hour for their time. Thus, in addition to the fact that revenue has dried up, the lawyers on both sides of this fight undoubtedly are racking up some gigantic bills.

    Confronted with a three-judge panel including two judges who have expressed “serious doubts” regarding the ability of Judge Nelson to lift the lockout, the players wasted no time. In the introduction to the brief, the players describe the ruling to which the Eighth Circuit has hinted as a “perverse outcome” that “can be predicated only on a seriously erroneous construction of labor law, abetted by a misapprehension of the facts of this dispute.”

    In other words, the players are arguing in a very tactful way that the judges would have to be corrupt and/or stupid to eventually find that Judge Nelson lacked the power to lift the lockout....

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