Nebraska OL Chris Patrick ran a 5.3 forty at his Pro Day

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Gryphon, Jun 20, 2007.

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    Nebraska OL Chris Patrick ran a 5.3 forty at his Pro Day on Monday, according to

    Patrick, who is hoping to be selected in July's Supplemental Draft, is 6-4 1/2 and 296 pounds. He had a short shuttle of 4.5 and benched 225 31 times. Patrick projects as a second-day supplemental pick and a guard in the NFL.
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    How's his ability to block? :D
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    What was his wonderlick score?
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    Just out of curiousity, what's the recent success history of players taken in the supplemental draft? I don't even recall hearing about any of them.
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    And so BTW can he pass block and run block? Should be some way to measure those talents which of some use in the NFL. Nice that he can run a 5+ so we know he'll won't be last to the buffet line either.

    Is it finally possible that in 08 we won't need to address our OL again? I know we must wait to TC to see how our OL players perform but sure hope Davis settles in real nice at RG, that McQuistan successfully challenges/wins LG position although I continue to believe that he remains Adams primary backup this year), Proctor looks good as a back OC/OG & that Free & Marten show enough talent to warrant their selection & development as starting OTs. I know I'll be on my hands and knees praying that it happens cause I'm so tired of our desperate need to successfully address this problem starting way back in 97.
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    Doesn't really matter about a linemans' forty time... Does he have good footwork and can the guy even pass block or run block?

    Unless he is pulling it really doesn't matter much; if the ball is intercepted it is not like a 5.4 is going to catch up to the other players.
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    Here's the last 10 years - there are two outstanding players on that list in Wahle and Williams. Williams is one of the best NTs in the league and has been for a long while. Hollings was a bust as a #2 pick. Brown is a guy who was worth a 6th round pick, Cherry didn't do much. Wright flopped. Brooks looks like he'll be worth the pick.

    In short, I'd say it looks like most drafts. Higher picks net better players but there is, like always, some bust potential - especially when you reach as the Texans did for Hollings.

    Mike Wahle 1998 2 Packers T Navy
    Jamal Williams 1998 2 Chargers DT Oklahoma State
    J'Juan Cherry 1999 4 Patriots DB Arizona State
    Milford Brown 2002 6 Texans OL Florida State
    Tony Hollings 2003 2 Texans RB Georgia Tech
    Manuel Wright 2005 5 Dolphins DT USC
    Ahmad Brooks 2006 3 Bengals LB Virginia
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    I tried to do some research on this guy.

    -- He played LT at Nebraska the last couple of years, so he should be a decent athlete. He was a pretty highly-regarded DE and he was moved to guard, then eventually to tackle.

    -- A lot of supplemental guys are there because they've had problems: Got kicked out of school, couldn't make their grades, drugs, etc. Patrick was on the Dean's List, so smarts aren't the problem. He said it was a combination of personal and family issues, whatever that means. Some think he got crossways with Callahan, but he's never been in trouble as far as anyone knows.

    -- Opinions seem mixed on how good he is. Obviously, he's not great. But some thought he could be an okay developmental player.

    Might he be worth a seventh? Is he better than Procter? I don't know. I kinda doubt it, but maybe. He's probably pretty similar. There were plenty of scouts at his workout.
  9. Bob Sacamano

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    not bad shuttle and bench times
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    The guy is a flake. At one point in time during his recruitment he had verballed to Wisconsin, Purdue and Nebraska all at the same time.

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