Need 7 tickets to Cowboys game vs Atlanta, Dec. 16

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Wimbo, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Wimbo

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    Can anyone help me get tickets to the Cowboys-Falcons game 12/16/2006 at the Georgia Dome? I was online 10 mins before Ticketmaster opened, hitting enter every second so I could get decent tickets. No dice. The system could not find blocks of 3 or 4 seats. I don't want to pay $105 for $55 seats, but that is all I know how to get right now (through Stub-Hub).
    Can anyone help? I want to take my nephews to their first game.

  2. DallasDW00ds0n

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    oooffff your beat, thats a lot of tickets
  3. Swanny

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    You can find some at but it might be a little high in price but i noticed they had tickets of up to 18 seats next to eachother
  4. ghst187

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    have you looked on ebay yet? They have quite a few for sell there too.
    I just bought some tickets off of stubhub and yep, they were pricey but they are 30 yd line, cowboys sideline, 3rd row and I'm taking my dad to his first Cowboys game ever so money wasn't a primary factor.
  5. yennor24

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    Everyone going to that game should get together and tailgate, any takers?
  6. MONT17

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    anyone going to the ZONA game??? I just found out single game tix go on sale the 22cd but only to people in the State of Zona for 2 hours!!! there is no way the COWBOYS dont sell out in the first 30 minutes!!!

    Stub Hub had $10 tix for $90... they r a last resort!!! infact I would go to the stadium and buy from a scalper before stub hub...
  7. Big D

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    I"ll be there!

  8. Muhast

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    i'll take u up on the tailgating offer

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