Need help J JONES or L Johnson

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by popcorn, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. popcorn

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    One last decision to be made on my 3-0 Fantasy team. Would you start JJ or LJ. Dont be bias, both are do a break out game. Do you think JJ's action will be limited becaues of last weeks concusion? KC VS. SD defense. Will LJ be fired up to show up LT? HMMMMMMM. What do you think zoners??
  2. peplaw06

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    Never sit LJ, no matter how poorly he's performed. Rule #1.
  3. WDN

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    Never play Julius Jones. Rule #2.
  4. xplozno8

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    Never sit LJ (no matter how poorly he's performed) for Julius Jones. Rule #3.
  5. 03EBZ06

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    LJ everytime unless they have a bye week.
  6. TheCount

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    I predict JJ's first touchdown of the season this Sunday, hell, he may score two.
  7. Jenky

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    I'm actually sitting LJ this week in favor of playing MB3(against STL) and Lamont Jordan (against MIA). LJ has been the weakest link out of all my RBs surprisingly. I don't like his matchup against SD as well.

    Just for the record, I'd play LJ over Jones. I don't see Jones doing anything except maybe a long run here or there.
  8. TheSport78

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    LJ only practiced once this week and has said he isn't 100% so I wouldn't be surprised to see Michael Bennett spell him every other series. SD is solid against the run, especially at home, while the Rams are dreadful against the run. I would actually sit LJ this week and Julius is due for a TD.
  9. ajk23az

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    LJ is LJ, he will come back to his own SOON.

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