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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by NeonDeion21, Apr 17, 2012.

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    With 9 days until the NFL Draft, I decided to put together my final mock using some information that is being tossed around on the CZ and what I have gathered. I tried to develop a draft plan that was similar to the 2011 Draft: Find guys who love football that are hard working and who are versatile.

    Before I get to pick #14 in this mock draft, Philly jumps in ahead of us to #13 to secure Mark Barron. They are in need of safeties as well and have a ton of ammo to move in this draft. With Cox and Barron off the board, Dallas decides to move down in this draft and trades with Detroit at #23.

    Detroit needs a CB and makes the move to #14 for Kirtpatrick or Gilmore and gives Dallas #23 and #54 (Equal value on the chart).

    #23 - Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB Illinois
    - Mercilus is a phenomenal athlete who had 1 year of great production at Illinois. He comes to Dallas in the roll of Aldon Smith from SF and is a pash rusher at 1st. Mercilus lead the nation in FF and has a great motor. I think he has JPP type of potential.


    #45 - Brandon Boykin, CB Georgia
    - Boykin is a pet cat of mine and I include him in almost any mock I do. Dallas is in need of play-makers and Boykin can contribute immediately. With the Mike Jenkins injury and contract situation, Boykins could start the season as the nickel CB and I know he would excel there. He is a great athlete and was productive for 3 seasons in the SEC. Has experience playing the slot and works hard at his craft. He has additional value as a return man and played WR for Georgia as well.


    #54 - Orson Charles, TE Georgia
    - Fans might not be happy with this pick, but we need another TE. Martellus Bennett played a lot for Dallas, but never lived up to his expectations. After drafting two TE's in the 2nd round in the last six years, Dallas finally gets it right with Orson Charles. Charles can make plays down the field and is twice the receiver Bennett was. He reminds me a lot of Aaron Hernandez coming out of school. Rocked up WR who lacks the height to be considered a first round pick. Was a team captain at Georgia.


    #81 - Ryan Broyles, WR Oklahoma
    - This pick just makes too much sense. Broyles is coming off an injury, but Dallas sees great value with him at #81. I believe he will develop into a great slot receiver and an excellent complement to Dez and Miles. Broyles was highly productive at Oklahoma and team-first kind of guy.


    #113 - Phillip Blake, OC Baylor
    - Overaged rookie who has only played two years at center.I don't think Dallas would be worried in the least. Blake can come in right away and compete for the Center job and gives us solid depth on the offensive line. He has excellent size and is athletic enough to make plays at the 2nd level. Value pick.


    #135 - Russell Wilson, QB Wisconsin
    - Yet another pick that may not please some fans, but Wilson is play-maker who is an exceptional leader. He is a hard worker, outstanding athlete and has a really strong arm. Height restricts him from being drafted higher, but this screams as a Garrett pick to me. Wilson can be the 3rd QB for this season and in a few season can compete for a starting job once Romo leaves us. Don't sleep on this guy. He will develop into a solid QB in this league. Interesting pick with our compensatory selection.


    #152 - Taylor Thompson, DE/TE SMU
    - This guy is a rare athlete and is being worked out as a TE by some teams. I actually like him quite a bit as a 5T in a 3-4 as he does a good job at the point of attack. Thomspon is very smart, has elite athleticism and is strong enough to anchor. Thomspon adds versatility too as a backup TE.


    #186 - Nicolas Jean- Baptiste, NT Baylor
    - Nicolas is a motivated and a hardworking NT who can help as a two-down run defender. Needs to gain strength, but can contribute right away as a NT. He is an overachiever and a guy Rob Ryan will love.


    #222 - Bryan Anger, P California
    - With the loss of Matt McBriar, Dallas replaces him right away with a guy who excels at pinning teams inside the 20. Over 90 punts inside the 20 in his career and has a big leg with punts of 76, 72 and 71 yards over the duration of his time at Cal.

  2. DBOY3141

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    Nice draft. Good players who also fill some huge needs.
  3. a_minimalist

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    really nice draft! i love mercilus as your 1st pick.
  4. jswalker1981

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    I'll sign off on this.
  5. cowboy_ron

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    Philly has a ton of ammo? They have one more pick than we do... I do like your mock though
  6. NeonDeion21

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    Their extra 2nd gives them a lot of flexibility.
  7. NeonDeion21

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    I like Mercilus a lot too. I think he is a prime target in a trade down. I love his upside.
  8. funkytown

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    Love the mock. Would take that right now.
  9. a_minimalist

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    completely agree. i literally find myself daydreaming about him and bruce irvin starting together as cowboys.
  10. egn22

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    damn, really nice mock. love the pics and the breakdowns. i wouldn't be upset at all w/ this draft.
  11. Afigueroa22

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    I don't like that you only have one offensive linemen drafted.
  12. basstapp

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    Best mock I have seen, I would love to see atleast one guard. love first pick, boykin, Charles, Russell
  13. Manwiththeplan

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    My problem with Orsen Charles is he measured in at 6'2 at the combine. That's H-Back size not TE size.
  14. a_minimalist

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    maybe you can substitute orson charles with bruce irvin. :laugh2:
  15. NeonDeion21

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    Aaron Hernandez measured in at 6'2 at the combine. I think Charles is in that mold of TE.
  16. Muhast

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    I am in love with this mock. I would be ecstatic with it. Especially Boykin/Mercilus/Broyles.
  17. jterrell

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    Give me a DL at 54 and call Taylor Thompson what he is at the next level, a TE and I'd give it an A++++.

    I think we HAVE to grab a DL to replace Coleman in this draft. It saves us money and adds youth. We have recently hit on lower guys like Bowen, Lissemore and Geathers so let's have the scouts choice of DL at 45 or 54 IMHO.

    At 54 you can almost certainly still get Boykin who has size/injury concerns.
  18. NeonDeion21

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    I just don't think there will be solid value at #54 for a defensive lineman. And as you mentioned, we have hit on some defensive lineman later in the draft and I that will make Jerry hesitate on taking one in the 2nd round.

    BTW, I actually like Thompson at TE too. I just like guys who can play at multiple positions and it creates good depth for this team.
  19. JackWagon

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    Love your thoughts on the QB in the later rounds. Wilson would be a great pickup.
  20. fjones

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    This is a great mock, I love just about every pick fills need and gives depth.

    Nice job! ( I hope we do as well during the actual event!)

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