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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by neosapien23, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. neosapien23

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    1. Jonathan Cooper G/C First off I don't believe the hype. This guy will not be gone before the 18th pick. Warmack will go at 16 to St. Louis and then Cooper will go immediately afterwards. Guards do not go high. That being said I think Jerry is just blowing smoke. I don't think he is happy with the Oline as is.

    2. Syvester Williams DT Again I don't think this guy is going to go as high as the mock drafts are showing. I think he slips to the 2nd due to the deep class at DT. Dallas needs a 1 tech who can clog lanes and rush the passer. Williams fits the bill to a T.

    3. Brennan Williams OT I think this guy would be a perfect fit at RT. I also don't think Dallas trusts Parnell. I think Dallas will hedge their bets on having a starter on the right side and will allow Williams to compete against Parnell for the starting gig. Even if Parnell starts over Williams, they need depth in case Smith or Parnell gets hurt.

    4. Shawn Williams S He had a much better combine than production, but he is still legit 4th round safety prospect. I think Rambo will be there but I don't think Dallas will draft someone with a drug past. Cyprien and Swearinger are better prospects but I don't think either will make it this far down.

    5. Quanterus Smith DE A torn ACl dropped his stock, but when healthy he was a terror and he took DJ Flukers manhood away. Smith will be perfect for a redshirt year where he tries to put weight on and heal his knee. He wouldn't produce much in his first year but would be a good player in his 2nd year.

    6. Knile Davis RB Dallas needs a RB and this guy has all the tools you look for. He is always injured but most 6th round picks never pan out anyway. He could be a steal in the 6th round and is well worth the risk here. I know he's got an injury history but you can't coach that speed and strength ratio.
  2. AsthmaField

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    Absolutely love the first two picks. If it fell that way, I'd be more than happy.

    I would rather take a guy like Swearinger in the 3rd, but the first two picks are so good that I wouldn't care.
  3. Future

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    Would be real happy with that...has any team ever taken players from the same school in the first three rounds?

    If we get Cooper and Williams in the first two, I'd go S in the third and go from there. Overall though, I'd be pretty happy with this.
  4. xwalker

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    Excellent mock. One of the best that I've seen.

    1. Jonathan Cooper G/C
    IMO, he is a better Guard than Joeckel is a Tackle. In other words, if he were a Tackle he would easily be a top 5 pick.

    The possibility of him playing Center is the primary issue that could cause him to not be available; however, the fact that some team won't be able to resist Warmack should help Cooper make it to #18.

    2. Sylvester Williams DT
    I like this player. I'm not sure why he is rated this low. Is Hankins really a better player?

    3. Brennan Williams OT
    I'm a big fan of this player also. He is the perfect RT that could probably play some LT if needed.

    4. Shawn Williams S
    I was really surprised to see his combine numbers. I liked him in game footage; however, I thought he might be a bit slow. His 4.46/1.52 Forty/Ten show that he has good speed.

    5. Quanterus Smith DE
    Another very good player. This is the area to take injured or other high upside players.

    6. Knile Davis RB
    I'm doubtful that he makes it to the 6th round after blowing up the combine. He has some incredible physical ability. Again, this area of the draft is a great place to take players with issues that have very high upsides. I hated the fact that the Cowboy took a very low upside player in the 7th last year.
  5. MonsterD

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    I think there are better choices that will be available in the third, Williams doesn't really amaze me.
    Love this guy, he played ILB last year, he is a team guy and a leader, big and physical w/speed, definitely a guy that can get a lot better.
  6. visionary

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    excellent draft

    i agree with other posters that we really need a starter at safety and someone like swearinger will be there in 3

    you could then take quesenberry in 4 to be the developmental OT
  7. tm1119

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    Also not crazy about Brennan Williams, think there are 3-4 better OT's available in the 3/4 round rage. Other than that its a great draft.
  8. xwalker

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    Serious question, not a jab, did you watch many of his games?
  9. RS12

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    Q Smith is your most intriguing pick.
  10. JDSTAR

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    Why is this your final mock?
  11. tm1119

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    Not a ton but I've watched probably 3 or 4 full UNC games over the past 2 years, but I have done my research on Williams and pretty much all of the RT candidates in this draft. My problem with Williams is that he plays VERY high which causes him to be a bit clumsy at lot of times. He has a nice kick step and when he just has to simply block the guy in front of him he's usually pretty good, but when things break down or he's asked to get to the 2nd level he struggles.

    I wouldn't hate the pick or anything, I just question whether he is going to be able to come in and start. 4th round and I'd be much happier.
  12. rwalters31

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    See comments above.:(
  13. Macnalty

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    Sylvester Williams played hurt when I watched him, bad ankle, he is really inconsistent and I chalked it up to his ankle. Unlike others with injuries last year this kid played through his problems and was a real handful on the pass rushes, which he seems to enjoy more than the mundane trench work of stopping the run. This guy healthy is really a good player, this one also has some heart. Sylvester played without concern for his draft status which last year was out of the ordinary, most guys were babying injuries. OK that may take him down a notch in the mental side of things long term. IMO second rd steal, along with Tank Carradine DL, Swearinger S, Warford OG, Cyprien S, and Jamar Taylor S. Yikes we have some real talent if these guys are still there at 47.
  14. TheCount

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    I don't know that Williams will be there for us in the 2nd, but if we started the draft with those two, I'd be pretty darn pleased. I think Brennan Williams would require a bit of work before we'd be able to start him, and I'm not sure I can deal with another project on the line.
  15. neosapien23

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    I think pretty much any tackle taken in the 3rd round is going to need some time to get started. I can't imagine a 3rd round prospect coming in and starting right away. But Brennan Williams was tearing it up before he tore his labrum this year. If that hadn't occurred, I bet he would have been a 2nd rounder. If a much better tackle prosect is available in the 3rd than I would rather take him, but I think Williams will the best available. With that said, Dallas needs a RT badly.
  16. neosapien23

    neosapien23 Well-Known Member

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    Because I'm not going to waffle. I think Dallas needs to take the best interior lineman in the first, best interior defender in the second, best available tackle in the third, and best available safety in the fourth. The fifth and sixth round picks are my pet cats but Dallas needs trench and safety help badly without reaching.
  17. HoosierCowboy

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    I hope we find three starters (or heavy rotation guys) in this draft (by season's end)--this is a great mock and would supply that
  18. koolaid

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    I want more of a sure thing than Knile Davis if we use a draft pick on a Rb.
  19. DFWJC

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    That's one sweet mock.

    I'd say the odds of getting Sylvester Willimas at 47 are 10% at best, but what the heck.

    I'm probably with the others that say to grab a safety if the value fits in the 3rd. Of course, if the right guy is not there, you're right to never, ever pick a safety (or any other position) just to pick one.

    Anyway, Sean Williams in the 4th may be pretty good in his own right. And Brannon Williams could end up even starting for us at RT.

    really, every pick is solid, imo.
  20. TheCount

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    In the 6th? Good luck.

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