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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by neosapien23, Dec 21, 2012.

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    FAs: I don't really think Dallas is going to bring in alot of free agents and most fans are going to be disappointed. I do think they will bring in Terrance Knighton from Jacksonville and he will get a modest contract. He was benched in Jacksonville so fans should have their expectations lowered a bit. He is a good run defender but doesn't even offer Brent's passrush. He is just a big body and nothing more. Because of the Brent situation though, we need a big body on the Dline.


    1. Kenny Vacarro - S
    Dallas needs a safety and there is no telling what kind of shape Church's achilles will be in. You need your first round pick to start and Kenny will do that besides I think Warmack will not be there when the boys pick. If Warmack is there that has to be the pick.

    2. DJ Fluker - OT
    Fluker is a beast in the run game but really struggled last year in the passing game. He played much better in his sophmore season. I really grappled with this pick because I liked Brennan Williams a little bit better, but I am tired of players coming off of injuries. Fluker is healthy and ready to compete right now.

    3. Cyril Richardson - G
    For being such a big man this guy has some good wheels. He has good power but still has the agility to play in callahan's zone blocking scheme. The combination of Fluker and Richardson should solidify the right side of the line and finally allow Murray some rushing lanes. If Warmack gets picked in the first this pick because Bacarri Rambo as Dallas needs a FS.

    4. Brandon Williams NT

    This is my pet cat in this draft. I know he didn't play against elite competition, but he still beat the men in front of him. He got alot of sacks at the DT position and has alot of good mass at 6-3 325. He would be a terror in Ryans scheme. My only worry is that someone will pull the trigger on this guy earlier.

    5. Kenjon Barner RB
    This will probably be the best available RB in the 5th round. He is more of a scatback and like Jones will fall if brushed on. Unlike Jones he will not be a high round pick. This guy does have good speed and can rip off a big run.

    6. Ryan Hewitt FB
    We need a real FB, there is a reason Vickers was let go by the Texans. He does get quite the same pop in the run game that he used to. I do like his attitude but the results have been mediocre.
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    Like Knighten. Like Williams. The rest not as much.
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    Knighton would be a good big-body that as you stated, shouldn't be very expensive.

    1. Kenny Vacarro - S
    Only if the Cowboys end up picking at near the end of the round.

    2. DJ Fluker - OT
    Fluker is way overrated, IMO. He needs to move to OG or lose a significant amount of weight to stay at RT. Brennan Williams is a much better OT, IMO.

    3. Cyril Richardson - G
    Is he going to enter the 2013 draft?

    4. Brandon Williams NT
    Good pick. This seems to be everybody's pet cat now.

    5. Kenjon Barner RB
    Great pick if he falls to the 5th. I would be OK with him in the 4th.

    6. Ryan Hewitt FB
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    Vacarro is a beast
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    Vaccaro < Eric Reid Watching these two play, it's clear
    that Eric Reid would be the guy. Vaccaro doesn't tackle as well nor does he
    cover the TE as well as Reid can.

    DJ Fluker will need to be moved inside to Guard.

    Dallas won't spend money on TK for a NT

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