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New 2 Round Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DFlo, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. DFlo

    DFlo New Member

    27 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    After a week of work here it is, let me know what you guys think about it

    2011 NFL Mock Draft
  2. fishspill

    fishspill Well-Known Member

    2,687 Messages
    1,319 Likes Received
    Looks pretty strong to me. I don't see anything outlandish. Logical. Sound.
  3. supercowboy8

    supercowboy8 Well-Known Member

    6,110 Messages
    484 Likes Received
    Looks good but I think Aaron Williams goes to the steelers over Harris. He just fits the Steelers, Harris doesn't.
    Then I think Dallas takes Harris at 40. I would switch those two but its a good mock.

    If you have Dallas taking Rackley in the 3rd I would love it.
  4. johnnyd

    johnnyd Active Member

    1,659 Messages
    6 Likes Received
    Nice work man . hope harris is gone before we pick in r2 . this is why i hope we have the opp. to trade up for PP so we dont waste a high 2 on a nickel CB at 40 like harris.
  5. supercowboy8

    supercowboy8 Well-Known Member

    6,110 Messages
    484 Likes Received
    so why do you tink Harris is only a nickel CB? I see a guy that can cover any one one on one. Has great speed, Sanders says he is the best CB in the draft at the combine. Harris has better stats that Prince or Williams does.


    Had 132 tackles (nine for losses), four interceptions, five forced fumbles, two sacks and 28 pass breakups in his career. … Named second-team All-ACC as a junior. … Ranked second nationally with 1.31 passes defensed per game as a sophomore.

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