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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 18, 2013.

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    Well, I can't be held responsible for the ideas running around my melon at the new coaching hires. Some people are upset about Kiffin but I think that's crazy. Nick Eatman said yesterday that he was leaving Valley Ranch around 9:40 PM and Monte was in his office watching film and taking notes.

    Jerome Henderson did that last year and he was my favorite hire of the year.

    I like Marinelli a lot and if Bisaccia is our STs Coach then I really expect all three phases of the game to be mash the pedal to the floor. Well, in my opinion, you can't do that right without fixing the O-line and for the 3rd straight year I am focusing on the Interior of the OL in my thinking.

    But not in round 1. Interior OL doesn't get the splash even though it is a huge need. There are other needs that can be met though and we do that. I'd like to trade down and add a pick or two. Good OL and DL depth is possible throughout this Draft.

    18. Ezekial Ansah, DE, BYU, 6-5", 270. He is a physical freak. Literally. If you haven't heard his story, it is amazing. He is from Ghana Africa and he came to BYU after he joined their religion. One of the Missionaries who taught him suggested he should play football, so he applied to BYU and was accepted. He had other ideas and walked on to the basketball team in 2008 and 2009, surviving until the last cut. Dave Rose, the BYU basketball coach is an old friend of mine. He says Ziggy, that's his nickname, is in another world as an athlete. In 2009 Ziggy also walked onto the track team where this at that time 250 pound monster ran a 10.91 in the 100 meters. Folks, that is sick speed for a man that big. In 2010 he finally decided to try football and walked into Bronco Mendenhall's Office and told him. If you saw his efforts in the 2012 Poinsetta Bowl you were probably as blown away as I was. He hasn't even scratched the surface of how good he can be yet. This kid is our JJ Watt.

    48. Barrett Jones, C/G, Alabama, 6'4", 305. His foot surgery and likely inability to work out at the Combines is expected to drop his draft stock to the bottom of the 2nd round. I don't let him get there. He is a 1st round talent with an all world football brain. He and the Bama QB McCarron clashed a little in the Championship Bowl game despite being best friends and roommates. Jones even pushed his QB away. After the game he laughed and said he was right on the snap count. He is so versatile that he can play anywhere along the OL. I consider him a must have for 2013.

    80. Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina, 6'3", 320. Word right now is that Ratliff will be back and so will Spencer. I am fine with this, but we also have to fix the D-Line. This big bad monster is just what the Doctor ordered. If we switch in and out of a 3-4 at all, and I think we will, here is our pocket collapsing NT. If we play our DTs in a 1 technique like Marinelli and Kiffin are know to do, this guy will push the pile back so we can stuff the run.

    111. Brennan Williams, RT, North Carolina, 6'7", 315. I am hearing Doug Free will not be waived, but instead his contract will be re-worked. I hedge my bets, and I bet this big nasty man can take his job. Back to back Tar Heels named Williams and two of the biggest, meanest kids we could draft right now. You have to wonder why the Tar Heels are not a better football team because they are deep every year lately for NFL talent.

    144. Kenjon Barner, RB, Oregon, 5'11", 192. We have got to have a RB who can carry the load if Murray goes down. I think we need a RB who can catch the ball and even help in the return games. Here is my pet cat RB this year. Speed to burn and more moves than Ex Lax. He is versatile and he plays hard every snap.

    175. Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU, 5'10", 180.
    I am very serious about acquiring this kid. He is a dolt for letting pot get in the way, no doubt, but wow can this fool play football. I believe his contrition is real. I also believe he is probably the ebst CB in the Draft and though he is projected in the 7th round, I don't let him fall that far. I honeslty believe he is better than Jenkins was. He can help with the return game and Claiborne was his mentor. He can be again.

    There you go folks, rip it up.
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    Big fan of this draft. I still have question marks about Ansah, but I'd be all for this. Love getting speed with Barner late and getting a project with a super high upside like Mathieu in the 6th.
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    I really don't want to waste a pick on the honey badger at all but I can't complain about the pick if it is in the 7th round because even if he gets kicked off the team down the road...chances are he will still have contributed more than most 7th rounders do and you don't lose much money.

    As far as the rest of the mock...sign me up. :cool:
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    Nice job sir.
  5. Rack Bauer

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    No way in hell do I want us to draft Ebenezer Ekuban part II. Not in the first at least.

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    I've watched Ansah play several times. I don't see what many see I guess. I know he has some wild physical ability but I don't see it translate onto the field enough. Mendenhall is not a bad coach. In fact, I think he's pretty good so I don't believe that it is simply not being coached up enough. I just don't see the explosiveness show up enough. Too many plays where he's walled off and just standing. He would have to improve dramatically in this area to be a guy I would like us to take at 18.
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    Nice job of selling this draft, Hos and I will defer to your superior knowledge regarding these players. I do have some questions:
    1) Is our Safety situation adequate as it curently stands, or are we looking free agent?
    2) Ansah looks intriguing, and I have only seen him play on the highlight reels. Is he JPP, JJ Watt, or a workout warrior?
    3) Sylvester Williams looks like he has the goods, but how do you see him stacking up against the other DT's who might be available, like the two DT's from Georgia, Jenkins and Geathers? I guess I'm wondering where the best value might be in the trenches, for that matter, on both sides of the line.
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    Tough to argue with Ansah, mostly because you've clearly got more insight into him. I still feel more confident about Richardson there and potentially Montgomery, although almost you persuade me to get more excited about Ansah than Montgomery.

    I wonder whether Sylvester will be available that far and I wouldn't mind seeing a linebacker in this crew, but I think I'd be happy with this draft.
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    Ansah is the biggest boom/bust prospect in years. Somebody gonna end up either very happy or unhappy. I bet he works out great though. I got no problems rolling the bones on the badger in the sixth.
  10. ajk23az

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    I like the whole draft except for Ansah. We need a DT. In my opinion, we should go DT in round 1, OG in round 2, safety round 3 unless of course someone falls into our laps.
  11. Teague31

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    The Honey Badger is definitely not a RKG
  12. Manwiththeplan

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    I don't either, but if we got Jones in the 2nd and Williams in the 3rd, I'd be hard pressed to complain.

    I'd actually take Jones in the first if I could trade down a bit and get a 3rd, and would consider Williams in the 2nd if Kewaan Short was gone, so outside the top pick, I really like it.
  13. DFWJC

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    Now that is the pure defintion of need drafting :p:

    Seriously though, I assume you mean we grab those exact postions in those exact rounds IF the are at or very near the top of board when it's our turn to pick.
  14. ajk23az

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    Of course. That's why I said unless someone fell into our laps. And yes, that is need drafting but our NEED is gargantuan in those 3 positions. Year in and year out we seem to be talking about these 3 positions and I believe it is about time to try and fix it.
  15. CATCH17

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    He sounds like the offensive tackle from Maryland.

    The guy is going to need a few years to even be effective.
  16. Risen Star

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    So who's going to float the rumor that Sylvester Williams is on PEDs to make him fall to the 3rd round?

    I think the two Williamses and Barner go higher than selected here.
  17. AsthmaField

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    I've been wanting to take a late round flyer on the Honey Badger for a while now. Definitely not a RKG, but wow, it he a football player. If we manage to add him late, I will be ecstatic.

    Ansah in the first round is something I just wouldn't do at this point. Too high a bust factor, IMO. We need guys we know are going to contribute right away with the first round. Besides, I think (hope) that Spencer comes back and we are OK at DE. I think we end up going either DT, OG or S in round 1. Like you, I can see us waiting until the second to add an OL... So at this point I'd guess either DT or S.

    I love Jones in round 2, and think he is very good. He's all pro from the neck up and that is something we can always use, and you know Garrett will love it. He's solid from the neck down and should be a very good C/G for years.

    The Williams brothers would be fine if they are still available at those picks.

    I agree... NC should have been top 10 with all the guys they've been sending to the NFL lately.
  18. CATCH17

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    If we had a need for a returner than I'd be ok with the honey badger.

    As a corner he is nothing special. Ill pass on this one.
  19. visionary

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    we have to hit on our 1-3 picks

    no boom or bust prospects
  20. Hostile

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    Using the CBS rankings right now, so blame them.

    For those who don't like Mathieu, have you seen the video of his recent interview?

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