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New England Patriots

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by AJM1613, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. AJM1613

    AJM1613 New Member

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    Why did the Patriots draft a DE and a TE in the first two rounds?

    Seymour, Warren, Bailey, McGinest all play defensive end (Seymour and Warren start).

    Warren was drafted in the first round last year (Pick 13), Seymour in the first round in 2001(Pick 6), and Bailey was brought in as a FA. McGinest is a "hybrid" 3-4 defensive end/OLB who blitzes a lot and a veteran.

    Graham and Fauria are their two TEs. Graham is a good TE who was their 2002 first round draft choice (Pick 21) and Fauria is a good back up.

    They drafted two safeties with their next two picks (95, 113), which is weird considering they already have 2 good safeties. Some ******** draft analyst called Willson "one of the best FS in the league".

    Just trying to messure the window for sucess...

    I understand the Wilfolk pick but it does prove that Seymour isn't a better DT than Simon, because HE ISN'T A DT! They run a 3-4...BTW
  2. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt Looking down on you Staff Member

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    I think they are one of the few teams that strictly draft by the BPA method.

    They just won a superbowl and that is two in the last few years.....they have talent on the team so it is not as if they are exaclty starving to get that final piece to a puzzle.

    So they just draft best player available and figure they can make it all work out.


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    Here's a closer look at the two rookies as they measure up to the NE starters:


    96 Rodney Bailey DE
    Height: 6-3
    Weight: 300
    Year: 4 Yrs/Pat: 1 Acquired: RFA (PIT)-04
    Born: 7 Oct 79

    55 Willie McGinest DE
    Height: 6-5
    Weight: 270
    Year: 10 Yrs/Pat: 10 Acquired: D1-94 (4th overall)
    Born: 11 Dec 71


    93 Richard Seymour DL
    Height: 6-6
    Weight: 310
    Year: 3 Yrs/Pat: 3 Acquired: D1-01 (6th overall)
    Born: 6 Oct 79

    94 Ty Warren DL
    Height: 6-4
    Weight: 300
    Year: R Yrs/Pat: R Acquired: D1-03 (13)
    Born: 6 Feb 81


    Willie McGinest [rookie] 33 years old
    Richard Seymour {starter} 25 years old; "one day" older than Bailey
    Rodney Bailey[rookie] 25 years old; "one day" younger than Seymour
    Ty Warren {starter} 23 years old

    Caveat: Rationale couldn't have been age.

    Willie McGinest [rookie] 6'5"; 270lbs
    Richard Seymour {starter} 6'6"; 310lbs
    Rodney Bailey[rookie] 6'3"; 300 lbs
    Ty Warren {starter} 6'4"; 300 lbs

    Caveat: Rationale couldn't have been size; both starters are equivalent/larger.


    Brain nailed it when he said "They just won a superbowl and that is two in the last few years.....they have talent on the team so it is not as if they are exaclty starving to get that final piece to a puzzle."

    A Superbowl management office must have something up their sleeves. They may know something that you don't know! You can do your own research on Graham and Fauria; perhaps there's some method to the madness.

    I wouldn't go calling anyone names until we see if the NE draft analyst knows what he's talking about. :confused:

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