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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Eldorado, Dec 6, 2008.

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    Hey all, my name's Eldorado. I wanted a simple name, but something that would relate to the Cowboys... Terrell Eldorado Owens is what I came up with. Plain, simple, and to the point.

    I'm from NJ, and I'm a huge sports fan. Alot of you will scream "frontrunner!!1!" as soon as you see the teams, but hear me out.

    For football, I used to be a Cowboys fan but now I'm a Giants fan...

    ... hehe NOT!!!

    Football- the only team; the Dallas fricken Cowboys. When I was born, I had some diapers strapped on me and wore an Filth-adelphia Eagles Suck tee-shirt. I'm obssesed with anything.. everything Cowboys. Just finished reading "Boys Will be Boys", and I highly recommend it.

    Hockey- Devils. I live in NJ, so... yeah. That's explainable enough.

    College- Duke. Before you roll your eyes-- both my mom and my dad attended Duke University. As much as I was born into being a Cowboys fan, I was raised knowing one universal rule-- "I think, therefore I'm not a TarHeel" :)

    Other, not-so-involved but still a fan of sports: Yankees for baseball (again, I'm from jersey-- shoot me), and Magic for basketball... two words, JJ Redick.

    Well anyway, let's get our pop-corn ready and watch "Massuh' Jerry's" prediction come true, and squeak into these playoffs. It'll take 3-1; but I'm expecting 4-0! :D

    LETS GO COWBOYS!!! :starspin
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    :welcome:I know you will enjoy the board. Now go talk Cowboy Football.
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    :welcome: to the CowboysZone!!!!
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    :welcome: aboard! Post often~
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    heh. nice.

    and thank for the welcomes.
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    Enjoy it here and post often.

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