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Discussion in 'New Members Zone' started by gaylemike, Dec 1, 2007.

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    I've been a cowboy fan for 57 of my 57 years plus the extra 9 months my momma was carrying me I think. I lived in Texas all those years except the last two of which I've lived in SE Louisiana. I've always been able to pick up the Cowboys on cable and in the past 10 years having Dish Network been able to pick them up except for averaging 2 games the last two years. There is a conflict and the Ain'ts have to be on the network instead of the Cowboys, uugh. My question is a friend of mine told me that his friend that lives in New England picks the Cowboys up on the internet........anyone know how? I know I could switch to DirecTV but I've had Dish for so long and am completely happy with it I can't see going through the hastle of switching and paying for those extra two games on average. I did a search online but didn't find anything of value. Hopefully someone is just waiting with the answer. Thanks in advance. Mike
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    Well DirecTV will definitely give you the Cowboys if you get the NFL Ticket...

    That being said, there are SopCasts and places you can get the game, but you will have to watch them on your PC or through your pc on your flat panel (if you have a flat panel with vga connection that is)...
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    Wow, that's really impressive-- you've been a Cowboys fan since 1949... and the Cowboys didn't come into existence until 1960...

    :D :D :D :D :D :D

    And here I thought I couldn't be beat, being a fan since 60... I bow to your seniority, LOL...
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    Welcome to the site galyemike. Post often. :)
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    Gaylemike, I am 77 years old, and ever since the cowboys began I have been a fan, I also like you some times miss the games because of the scheduling done by the airways, I have tried to get the Dish TV to give me a sattelite
    connection of the Football games channels only, but to no avail. they want
    to hook you into all those uninteresting tiers. Welcome aboard to you and the forum. John in Ks.
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    Yes I know they were official in '60. That was tongue-in-cheek expression......57 born in '50. As a 8 and 9 year old kid I was around north Texas when they(my dad and all his buddies) were talking about a team to rival the Texans. I remember my elementary school having contest to name the new team. One of the possible names, and I think I'm right in that it came out in the paper was the Dallas Rangers but I think they changed it to the Cowboys. There were other names floating around but I don't remember them. The Texans relocated to Kansas City (Chiefs) and then there wasn't any competition.
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    You're correct. I think it was voted down because of the obvious connection with the more famous "Rangers".
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    Welcome.....Seasoned fans are always welcome. Some of these young bucks around here need taming on occasion.:D

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