New Years Cowboys Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BlueStarDude, Jan 1, 2006.

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    Key Free Agent Signings:
    1. LeCharles Bentley, C, Saints
    Pro Bowl center would go a long way toward shoring up the O-line.

    2. Jon Runyan, OT, Eagles
    Would finish the job of shoring up the O-line and give us time to see what Pettiti can develop into.


    1. Trade out of first round for a second, fourth, and 2007 first (to help land Brady Quinn).
    2. Greg Ellis traded for a third round pick.

    2nd (from trade) Bobby Carpenter, OLB, Ohio St.
    Could excel at strongside OLB in the 3-4. Bill Parcells coached his father.

    2nd Kai Parham, ILB, Virginia
    Learned the 3-4 under Parcells protegé, Al Groh, like 2005 draft pick Chris Canty, and turned in a super season.

    3rd (from Ellis trade) Anthony Smith, FS, Syracuse
    Was recruited by now Cowboys assistant Paul Pasqualon. Play-making safety to team up with Roy Williams.

    3rd Anthony Fasano, TE, Notre Dame
    What the doctor ordered: better blocker than Whitten, better hands than Campbell, will give our two TE set more bite. Comparable to Notre Dame alum Mark Bavaro.

    (4th gone to Eagles)

    4th (from trade) Kevin Boothe, G/T, Cornell
    Smart, versatile lineman who could be starting at guard in a year or two.

    5th Steve Fifita, DT, Utah
    322 pound nose guard who moves well off the ball. Similar to former Utah DT Sione Pouha, a Jets third rounder in 2005, but shorter, which may knock him down a round or two, especially in a much stronger draft.

    6th (from Eagles) Cletis Gordon, CB, Jackson St.
    Good size, good speed, dangerous return man. More athletic than Jacques Reeves or Nathan Jones, but will need a season or two to work on technique.

    (6th gone to Chiefs)

    7th Nick Reid, LB, Kansas
    A little undersized for 3-4, but has the frame to get bigger.
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    Hate it all except for the signing of Bentley.

    I don't like trading out of the 1st in a draft so high on talent. Having 2 first in 2007 does not guarantee anything and having BP as coach almost cancels out any hope of drafting a QB that high.

    Trading Ellis for a 3rd is a dream on the Cowboys part. Can't think of any team willing to give a 3rd round pick for a undersized 33 year old DE.

    You then have us picking 3 LB's in this draft and 2 with our first 2 picks. While depth is hurting the only one worth a damn is Parham.

    Anthony Smith most likely will drop into day 2 of the draft. He specializes in nothing and is average at everything. He may be slower then Roy Williams and does not tackle nearly as good (as a matter of fact his tackling is horrid). He has very limited upside but he's a heady player and a team leader.

    Fasano is waste in the 3rd. He may likely go higher anyways.

    In the first day of the draft you would have gotten 2 LB's a average S and a TE that we don't need.

    In the 2nd day I like the Boothe pick. He could be a great depth addition to the line but will never start and then the steal of the draft if we got Gordon in the 6th. Your about 2 or 3 rounds to late on this guy. He will be gone before the 4th ends.
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    The team probably needs at least 2 linebackers. The defense isn't going to be worth a darn with the bunch they have back there now.

    TE will definitely need to be addressed if Campbell is not resigned. Should probably get some youth in there anyway as well.

    When did Ellis turn 33? Born in 1975...making him 31 before the start of the season. :confused: I'd trade a third for a solid 8 sack starting quality DE in a heartbeat. The only scheme he is undersized in is the 3-4
  4. SDogo

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    Excuse me, he will be 32 next season. Still to old to get a 3rd for.

    TE will be a need but not a need you use a 3rd round pick on.

    We need depth at LB and probably a starter but using 2 of your first 3 picks on LB's is counter productive. That's an awful lot of resources and cap tied up into your LB's after drafting one in the first the year before.
  5. junk

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    No, he will be 31 next season. He was born in 1975. He turned 30 on Sept 14 of 2005. He will turn 31 on Sept 14, 2006.

    If Campbell isn't signed, who fills in on the two TE sets that BP favors? Pierce, Ryan, Curtis? Not real great options there. A third rounder would be a fine place to find a TE. Witten worked out OK there. Not to mention the fact that Campbell is aging and has been dinged up.

    How is using two picks on LB counter productive? I agree I'd rather find a vet FA to fill one hole and a draft pick for the other. Dallas is running a 3-4 which requires 4 LBers on the field. Its also geared towards playmaking linebackers. Wouldn't it make sense to have a couple? James is solid, Ware is good. Who else is there? Nguyen is likely to retire. Fujita is a FA. Singleton will likely be cut. So, you're left with Shanle, Fowler, an injured Burnett.....??? Needs to be addressed. Where is all the cap resources tied into this position? Considering the D is designed around them, they probably should consume the bulk of the cap. The question is if Dallas should have even run the 3-4. Could have a better defense with a 4 man front of some sort and it would have better suited the talents of the team.

    BP wants to play a ball control offense with a stingy defense. Well, the defense isn't stingy yet. Still has problems getting to the QB and the run defense was pretty weak all year.

    I see your points, but the original poster had some good thoughts and I don't think he was far off base.
  6. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    Maybe I don't like his choice of LB's as much as the LB picks! lol
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    you wont find a team willing to give up next years first and this years 2nd and 4th for our first anyways.
  8. Tobal

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    I wouldn't sign Runyan, he's slipped badly.

    Love Bentley

    I'd keep our first, if we could get a 3rd for Ellis or Glover I'd jump on it.
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    Big head scratchers throughout in here.

    Especially calling Nick Reid undersized. When 6'4 230lbs. is undersized, then I quit watching football. You'll just be watching clones of big foot walking around hitting each other.

    That doesn't mention the fact you would be getting the B12 DPOY in the 7th round. :)
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    So what position do we pick in now??
  11. BigDFan5

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  12. junk

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    I'm not really a Parham fan. I think Bobby Carpenter is the prototype SOLB for BP's 3-4.

    Who do you like?
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    Maybe not, but a couple years ago we got a second, a fifth, and a future first. Also, last year the Broncos got a third along with a future first and fourth. So it's not like I'm suggesting something otherworldly there.

    You left out the context I gave. 230 lbs. is undersized for a LB in the 3-4 defense. The 6'4 part is included in my reference to the frame to which he should be able to add weight. Projecting a seventh round pick is very near a futile endeavor anyway.

    Yeah, you're right. He compares somewhat to last year's small school CB Ronald Bartell, who went in the second round. Gordon will probably go in the 3rd or 4th - I got a little married to this pick but couldn't place it... I'd like BP to pickup a better prospect than Nate Jones, but it's hard to justify picking a CB, with so many holes to fill, unless it is a steal.

    I may be a little higher on Carpenter than some are at this point. There might be better value in drafting a RT like Jeremy Trueblood here and then signing a free agent OLB rather than someone like Runyan (I certainly wouldn't want to overpay for his services, but IMO he would settle the position more than a rookie). As for Parham, he just seems like the perfect fit. I like Burnett, but I don't think we can go into next season counting on him to be a starter.

    Even though I have us trading down, a stud OT in the first round would make me happy, too. If Winston or Scott (or Thomas or Justice, if'n they declare) is there, then it'd be hard to pass up. But I don't believe in taking an OT that high unless they project as an eventual LT, so I'd pass on McNeil unless he hit the second round. And I think we have too much already invested in the secondary to use our first on a safety. Corey Chavous could be a decent short term free agent solution - but I'm not sure how much cap room we'll have. Bentley has got to be the priority.
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    I think its going to be a massive failure if we don't get Bentley signed the first week of free agency. Shoring up the middle and the botched, and slow, snaps is critical and allows us to help out on the outside rushers.
    I'm not sold on Runyan either, at least not at this point in his career. We need to go younger. Not sure who's out there and I'm not sure we could afford a FA T.
    Obviously, we'll take a kicker in FA. We'll probably go after the biggest names available. We will probably look at the FS and LB positions in FA also. The only LB out there that is enticing to me is Arrington, if he becomes available. That would require the skins to outright cut him though and I'm not sure that will happen.
    Obviously, Ellis is probably gone, Glover may be also. Would be nice to trade Ellis for Abraham whatever that package might entail.

    Draft: I would be completely on board with trading out of the first in order to have two firsts next year and go after Brady Quinn. Quinn is plenty mobile, albeit not Vince Young mobile but he can avoid a rush, throw on the run, and scramble when he must. Quinn has a cannon, is accurate, intelligent, and has serious moxie. We have to address the QB position in 07. Bledsoe, as much as I love him, isn't going to last more than 2 more seasons IMO. IMO, Quinn is the best college QB i've seen in several years and throw in the fact that he's guiding the same New England pro-style offense as Tom Brady that won 3 SBs and playing under Weis.
    If we don't look for that trade, flat out we have to take the best LB or OT on the board. I think we can find a FS anywhere in this draft, as it is the most S heavy draft I remember. I love Landry and Slay but there are tons of good ones.
    I like Carpenter. I think he's a natural fit in our defense. I like ahmad Brooks but he needs to stay in school another year since he's barely played this one.
    I DON'T like DBrickshaw Ferguson. Really didn't impress me, very agile, long arms, good technique, but the guy barely weighs 290. He'll have to add 25 pounds before opening day 2006. I like McNeil.
    I also like taking the BPA. I think we also might look at some Ware types...Mario Williams and Elvis Dumervil who played DE but could play the hybrid role like and opposite Ware. We can use someone who can get to the QB.

    Overall, my biggest offseason hope is that we find new offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, kicking coach, and offensive line coach. That should be our top priority along with signing Bentley.
  15. Oh_Canada

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    My Mock:

    1.Daryn Colledge, OT--Great pass blocker and in case you were not on the planet for the past few months, pass blocking is a major issue on this team. Some of the other tackles available, just not consistent enough/injury prone for my liking.

    2.Bobby Carpenter, OLB--Perfect addition to a defense which is bound to get better.

    3.Greg Jennings, WR--Good speed and a leader, the Boys need youth at this position

    5.Will Allen, G--The transition continues.

    6.Gerald Anderson, NT--Very large, might be a better fit as a NT.

    7.Devin Hester, CB--Explosive kick returner, one of the fastest players in the entire draft.

    I am signing Bentley, Terrell Owens and a FS.
  16. BigDInCharlotte

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    This was one of the comments made during the Minnesota-Virginia bowl game. I don't know if he has a problem with maintaining a higher weight, or this is the weight Groan wanted him to play at, but it could be a factor come draft time.
  17. BlueStarDude

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    Can't recall myself, but I read that Walter Jones and Jon Ogden were barely 300 lbs when they came out. They've certainly added weight and turned out fine.

    Also, when you consider that more and more teams are turning to smaller DE speed rushers like Dwight Freeney or John Abraham, or else are using 3-4 with OLBs like McGinest, Merriman, Ware, etc., it could be time when tackles who are a little bit smaller (but more athletic, as Ferguson is) start staking their claim.

    Anyway, it won't be our problem, as Ferguson will be gone by time we pick, even if he does drop a handful spots from where he's currently projected.
  18. Oh_Canada

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    I am not big on 340lbs blobs myself. In an era of attack style defenses, quick and nimble beat out big and slow any day.
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    Bentley will not be a free agent. Him and Hutchinson will both be franchised if they don't sign long term deals. Runyan is a turd. He will turn out worse than Ferguson once he gets paid. I do agree with you assemnet on trading Ellis for a 3rd and Glover for a 4th. Who knows we might get better picks?
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    who the hell is all this scrubs

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