Newman- That's why we let you go

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Paniolo22, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Might have something to do with the fact that the Bengals are leading the league in sacks. Just saying.

    I've seen enough QBs double-clutch against our secondary this year that if we get a solid pass rush next year, our pass defense will be hard to deal with, especially if guys like Church, Lee and Carter come back fully healthy. Quite frankly, if those guys come back fully healthy, our rush defense is going to be pretty formidable too. Top priorities in the offseason...

    1. Offensive linemen, obviously
    2. Defensive linemen -- we're set on the back eight
    3. WR/RB depth -- both could stand to be upgraded a bit.

    After that, we're ready to go!
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    It goes back to that old saying, "That's why they are defensive backs and not receivers."
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    Yea, I just smilled everytime I saw a dropped int and saw number 23. He was definately one of my favorite cowboys during his time here, but I was glad he played for the other team yesterday.
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    No he was cut because he demanded too much money. Newman had a solid game yesterday. Neither one of our receivers really went OFF on them. Pac Man too was solid. Leon Hall who is by far their best corner was probably the worst of the bunch.
  6. KJJ

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    Most of the int's Newman had as a Cowboy were poorly thrown passes that came directly to him. They were so off target he never had to make any adjustments. His hands were so bad he even dropped some of those like the gift from Eli last season in the first Giants game that he could have made a house call with. Anytime he had to make the slightest athletic move to snag an errant throw he would drop it. He has the worst ball skills I've ever seen on a CB....dreadful!
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    He was cut because he couldn't stay healthy and if he wasn't just right he had no wheels which was evident in the season finale last year vs the Giants when Cruz ran right past him for a long TD. That game was the worst game of his career. He couldn't run or tackle and ended up being hurdled by a TE. He lost a couple of steps and the slightest injury slowed him up even more.

    He was always hampered with something the last few games of every season that would effect his play. He was awful at the end of last season and it came to a head vs the Giants. Even Jerry couldn't find anything good to say about his play down the stretch.
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    muffin button

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