NFL approves replay review change

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 25, 2014.

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    Tex Schramm was the one who pushed year after year for Instant replay until he got it passed

    Texas E. Schramm was known as the NFL's "godfather of instant replay." Tex Schramm pushed for NFL replay as early as 1975. When Schramm wasn't helping Pete Rozelle run the NFL through the 1960s, '70s and '80s, he was president and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys.

    Until Schramm died about two years ago, he remained deeply frustrated with the NFL's execution of his beloved replay. He despised the concept of giving coaches a limited number of challenges. What if, Schramm said, a game-changing referee error occurs after challenges have been used up? What if a challenge from a legendary coach is more persuasive than one from an unproven coach?

    Schramm wanted every controversial call reviewed solely by a replay official in a press box booth. Now, that happens only in the last two minutes.
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    Why is College ball ahead of the NFL curve on replays? Strange days indeed.
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    I'd like to see them amend the PI call one of these days. Far too costly a punishment on deep balls. IMO-- PI should be 15 yards with a discretionary spot of foul consideration if a WR is tackled to prevent a long completion.

    Also-- in general, if you're going to give team 2 challenges, open it up to also allow the overturning of a bad call made on the field, or to give the refs the opportunity to make a call that should have been made.

    Once your two challenges are gone-- they're gone-- unless you get em right, then you get your 3rd challenge. Wouldn't extend the game any longer than it is currently, and would allow teams some measure of recourse when they get screwed by bad officiating.
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    This is a great point, great idea. It would tip the scales away from the offense, would make good defensive backs more valuable, would speed the game up and wouldn't hurt player safety.
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    15 yards with maybe some kind of break away rule. I agree it is a big penalty but if you tackle my WR on a 50 yard pass play knowing all you will be giving up is 15 then defenders will just do it anytime they feel they were beat a deep ball. I kind of have mixed feeling on that rule.
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    Didn't Haper do that as well (crooked goal post) after the slam dunk? Some Dallas player did it @ home and the game was briefly delayed (can't remember exact game/player).
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    It would change the game and put it into the players hands. Win-Win.

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    Ref to HQ: So, what is the ruling from where you sit?

    HQ to Ref: Hold on, let me consult with the rules committee representitives (HQ picks up the Red Phone)......

    HQ to RCR: Hello, Ceasar's Palace Betting Desk..... Let me speak to "Fat" Tony....... Hello, Tony..........
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    No worries fat tony is a cowboys fan
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    You record the games and watch them later?
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    Haha.. good one!
  12. CATCH17

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    They just need to make the process quicker. Let the decision be made by someone else instead of the on field official.
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    It's really the worst rule on the books, particularly with guys like Gronkowski and Graham running around like WRs at basically double the size of cornerbacks and safeties.

    Let these guys fight it out unless the ball is in the air and catchable, then throw the flag for PI. How many times are we flagged for "illegal contact" and they get a free first down on a five yard penalty on 3rd and 18 because Scandrick was caught touching a guy's jersey on the opposite side of the field the ball was thrown?

    I hate the rule. It's trash and it makes the game unbalanced.
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    I can see many delays while the footage is sent to the league office. Just watch it on tv
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    I do. I usually start watching on a 45" or so delay.
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    Just who at NFL headquarters will they be "consulting" with? Sounds like a recipe for conspiracy theory.
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    There was a play last year for us when there was no review in the last 2 minutes. Can't remember the play right now, but,I think I'm still mad.
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    Will Brinson ‏@WillBrinson 5m
    Dean Blandino on new replay setup: “We expect it to speed up the process and make it more efficient.”
    “This is strictly tied to replay reviews. And the referee is the only official we can communicate with.” - Blandino
    “There will be a small group of people that will actually be speaking with referees.” - Blandino on replay

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