NFL braces for wild playoff race finish

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    In the NFC, things went a little better in Week 15. The only team currently holding a postseason seed to lose was No. 1 Green Bay, but that merely punctured the aura of invincibility the Packers had held all year long.

    • It happens every year, but it still always surprises us when teams with everything to play for lose late in the season to teams that have little or nothing to play for. How is it that Houston came up flat at home against Carolina, that Green Bay stumbled at Kansas City, that the Titans mailed one in against the winless Colts, that the maddeningly inconsistent Giants disappeared against Washington, and that the Jets and Baltimore got blown out by teams residing on the fringes of playoff contention? And we're not even sure Chicago being routed at home by Seattle fits into the example, with both teams exiting the game 7-7.

    It's the NFL. Bad teams beat good teams all the time, and every December has its share of these outcomes.

    "We didn't match their intensity,'' Texans offensive tackle Eric Winston said of the Panthers.

    "I didn't see the passion in us today,'' observed Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, after New York's most recent egg-laying.

    "I never would have expected us to come out, and they're playing like the team going to the playoffs and we're the team that's 0-13,'' Titans head coach Mike Munchak said.

    Well, you should have expected it, Mike. And we should have too. It happens the same way every year.

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