News: NFL: Brandon Weeden: I tried to do too much with Browns...w/audio

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    Troy 1st 3 years was 9 TD 18 ints his second 11 TS and 18 ints and 3rd season was 11 TD and 10 ints, sorry but not great. I'm not claiming Weeden to be the next Aikman it took Troy time. hell if Romo threw that many ints people would have a melt down around here as far as winning games QB is important part but it happens because of the overall play of the team. Emmitt played a key part in that as well.

    Weeden gets a chance to continue on I think for him to make the team he will have to outplay Orton.
  2. 44cowboys22

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    I'm going to say this......... For the offense that Linehan is going to use, it's pretty much a mirror of his offense at OSU. I would expect him to Excell due to the familiarity alone.
  3. Idgit

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    I'd still rather have Tanney.
  4. casmith07

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    Wrong. He wasn't seeing NFL snaps for those four extra years, nor was he studying NFL film or reading NFL defenses.

    Just because he's older doesn't mean he's any more experienced than any other rookie quarterback coming out of college.

    That would be like expecting someone who graduated from Medical School at Age 40 to be just as good as the Doctor who graduated at Age 28 who's been practicing for 15 years simply because they're around the same expected age. That's a logical fallacy and a terrible argument.
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  5. Doomsday101

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    Brian Hoyer had been in the league for 5 years, last year was his 6th in the NFL and he did not look that great for a guy who was a vet player.
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  6. tantrix1969

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    I agree he didn't look great but compared to Weeden he looked like an all-pro
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  7. Doomsday101

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    he is a 6 year vet, Weeden isn't. I don't know how Weeden will fair he is still early in his career.
  8. Dodger12

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    I never said that Troy was great but he was a far cry from "sucking" his first three years. He improved in each season and was on his way to leading the team to the playoffs his 3rd year before he got hurt and even then he was in the top 10 of the major statistical categories for a QB.

    I'm not implying you're comparing Weeden to Aikman; that would be an insult to you and I know you're an old school fan. But you are comparing the situation and that's where I disagree. Weedon was worse in his second season as he was in his first. I don't need to see Weedon for a third year to make up my mind. To me, Weedon's a progress stopper for a developmental QB. Sure, he can be cut with little to no impact on our salary cap but I actually think Orton may be the odd man out. He'll be 32 after the start of the season and I saw very little to make me think he could adequately fill in for Romo when the team's in a bind. At some point we need to be looking at the future of the QB position and I wouldn't be opposed to keeping 3 QB's and let the #3 develop.
  9. dstovall5

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    Hasn't been much of a player thus far, though he sure does make one heck of a Fantasy Football Team name, that counts for something right?
  10. Proximo

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    Agreed. I liked Tanney as a young developmental QB. Where is he nowadays? Is he locked down on someone's 53?
  11. Idgit

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    Still in CLE, afaik. Getting lonely. But I think we might have gotten the lesser CLE cast-off QB.
  12. SDCowboy85

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    Going out on a limb here...but I'm sure he can handle going from a starter to 3rd stringer. It doesn't sound like an increased work load.
  13. Proximo

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    Yea, if someone told me a few months ago we would scoop up a Browns QB I would've been hoping for Tanney.

    I was lovin me some preseason Tanney time last year.
    Always fun to watch those types of guys get their feet wet.
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  14. Alexander

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    Weeden is just a cheap ego lure for Holmgren if things go wrong.
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  15. Chocolate Lab

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    In that case... Good thinking, Jerry.
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  16. joseephuss

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    Most young players struggle early in the NFL. In addition to having to adjust to the speed of the game they also have to adjust to just being a pro. They need to learn how to carry themselves both on and off the field. Those are the areas Weeden had an advantage over his younger peers. He had experience in dealing with being a pro athlete. Life lessons that others young QBs did not have. That doesn't make the game slow down for any quicker, but it can help with all the challenges an NFL QB must face. That is an advantage. Imagine if was a 21, 22 or 23 year old kid. He would be even more overwhelmed due to his poor play on the field and learning how to be a professional athlete.

    I was not impressed with him at OSU to the extent of viewing him as a top QB prospect. He looked good, but nothing special. My opinion wouldn't have changed even if he was younger coming out of college. The Okie St Cowboys play in a system that is QB friendly and tailored for the college ranks. He resembled the QBs that have come out of Florida under Spurrier who look good at the college level, but don't have what it takes to be good NFL signal callers.
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  17. junk

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    Who cares about Weeden? It was a fine signing. Costs the team nothing. Worst case, he is a camp arm who can actually complete passes (an issue they have had with some of the camp arms) that gives you a legit look at younger receivers. Best case, he is a cheap back up who pushes Orton off the roster next year.

    My expectations are low. This team's hitched to Romo for the next couple of years anyway.
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  18. Mansta54

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  19. Doomsday101

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    Weeden is a guy who prevents us from reaching for a player, he has talent, because he did not develop as quickly as some would like does not mean in the right situation in an offense that is more in tune to what he ran at OSU. If he fails in camp then Dallas walks away no big deal if he shows the ability that he displayed at OSU then we found a pretty darn good QB.
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  20. casmith07

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    It won't get a response, because I'm right. :)
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