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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by JackWagon, Dec 13, 2012.

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    The following teams are in the bottom half of the league and probably not making the playoffs.

    St. Louis Rams - Fisher - Safe for now
    New York Jets - Ryan - Could be gone
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Schiano - Safe for now
    Buffalo Bills - Gailey - Possibly gone
    Cleveland Browns - Shurmur - Gone
    Miami Dolphins - Philbin - Safe for now
    New Orleans Saints - Payton - Contract up at end of season
    San Diego Chargers - Turner - probably gone along with AJ Smith
    Arizona Cardinals - Wisenhunt - 58-0 seahawks
    Carolina Panthers - Rivera - possibly gone
    Detroit Lions - Schwartz - probably staying
    Philadelphia Eagles - Reid - gone
    Tennessee Titans - Munchak - probably gone
    Oakland Raiders - Allen - hand picked by new GM last year ... probably staying
    Jacksonville Jaguars - Mularkey - probably gone
    Kansas City Chiefs - Crennel - probably gone

    Of these teams we know which will probably ditch their coaches ... Who gets the jobs?

    Cleveland Browns - Rob Ryan, Defensive Coordinator, Dallas Cowboys
    San Diego Chargers - Brian Schottenheimer, Offensive Coordinator, New York Jets
    Arizona Cardinals - Perry Fewell, Defensive Coordinator, New York Giants
    Philadelphia Eagles - Chip Kelly
    Tennessee Titans - ??
    Jacksonville Jaguars - Dom Capers, Defensive Coordinator, Green Bay Packers
    Kansas City Chiefs - Josh McDaniels
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    interesting thread. Thanks
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    I wouldn't be surprised to see Perry Fewell, Defensive Coordinator, New York Giants as the next Eagle Coach.
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  5. DBOY3141

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    I don't think Ryan or McDaniels get head coaching jobs next year.
  6. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    More post-season churn than usual.
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    I honestly think Andy Reid will be back on the eagle sidelines
  8. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    I know the Iggles fans want him packing, but they really need to think about whichever coach they might get two seasons from now.

    Not saying this will happen, but if I were the Eagles' owner I'd rather take my chances with Reid than someone else, caveat getting a QB in the post-Vick era, etc.
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    Out of that list, I think Ryan gets another year in NY. I know this will be year 2 not in the playoffs, but I think the back to back AFC CG's still carries enough weight for him to keep his job.

    Same with Chan Gailey, remember the bills had trouble attracting a HC when they settled on Gailey. 5-8 isn't that bad, epecially if they can finish 7-9.

    Browns need to clean house. Besides it's their fault that RG3 is in WSH :p:

    Still think Payton stays in New Orleans

    Norv is gone, ship is sailed, done deal no matter what

    Arizona is in a tough spot. The team is moving backwards, but if you fire Wisenhut and cannot replace him with someone better, you face a huge credibility issue with fans. Yes he screwed up by going after Kolb, but they are a few years removed from a SB appearence and back to back division titles. Hard to fire the most successful coach in franchise history at this point.

    Riverea will likely be safe for another year. Just a hunch. He'll have some coordinators forced on him, on the offensive side, but I think he gets one more year.

    Reid, see Norv

    Munchak is likely gone as well. It was a mistake to fire fisher, but it is what it is, and now they will lose a great o-line coach.

    Don't see how the Jags can fire Mularkey after 1 year. Yes they are bad, but he didn't draft the QB and the franchise player only played in 6 games. Hoping from coach to coach does nothing but set the team back further, so they should keep him.

    Crenel is likely gone however. I think Pioli gets the axe and the new GM will bring in a new coach.

    I don't see Rob Ryan getting a HC job. Defense has been good. Really good considering the injuries, but injuries are a part of football. I'd be suprised if he got interviewed by anyone.

    Couple of things, the Chargers will not hire a Schottenheimer, even if AJ Smith gets the axe.

    No team is hiring Dom Capers as a head coach again, his time has passed and the defense in GB has dropped off a cliff since winning the SB.

    And it will be a while before some team hires Josh McDaniels as a HC again. It will happen, but don't hold your breath.

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