News: Dez Bryant: Playoffs preferable over 2,000-yard season

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    By Dan Hanzus
    Around the League Writer

    Dez Bryant is one of those guys.

    The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver belongs to the Tim Tebow Supper Club, a small fraternity of NFL players who make headlines just about every time they open their mouths.

    Case in point: On Tuesday, Bryant was asked if he could envision finishing a season with 2,000 yards receiving. Bryant said it "can potentially happen." Cue the aggregate onslaught. Unleash the idiot babble.

    "How was I supposed to answer it?" Bryant said during a Wednesday appearance on "The Dave Dameshek Football Program."

    "It's possible," he added. "It's something that I'm not trying to reach, you gotta win games, playoffs. That's my goal. It's a team sport. I was asked a question and I just answered it. They just focused on that point."

    Around The League asked Bryant if it's difficult to be constantly scrutinized.

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