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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by viman96, Nov 22, 2011.

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    With six games remaining, the Giants and Cowboys are tied atop the NFC East at 6-4, Dallas coming off an overtime win at Washington and New York dropping one at home to the Eagles. Who will win the division -- New York or Dallas? No chance 4-6 Philadelphia is a factor, right ... ?

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    everyone pretty much counting us out.. i love it
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    IMO the two games against NY favor the Cowboys. If Dallas split the series with the Giants and Eagles then they finish 4-2 in the division. Which means the best the Giants could do is 3-3. Plus Dallas has a 5-2 conf record where as NY is 3-4. So we split the head to head and have a better conf record. The only way Dallas does not win the NFCE is if they do not take care of business against the soft schedule. As long as we maintain a 1 game lead on them then the last week of the season is most likely moot. I think it will be over by wk 16.
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    One game at a time... I love what Garrett is preaching to the guys!

    Laurent Robinson has a great line he's quoting.... "Our aim is to go 1-0 each week".
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    So Eli who has 5 turnovers in the last two games gives NYG the edge? :laugh2:

    What a bunch of *** clowns.
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    It's no surprise these guys all pick the Giants. Even the guy who picks the Cowboys says it's because of the schedule, not because they just might be the better team. Eli has won a Super Bowl, so they will give him the advantage over Romo no matter what the numbers say.

    All these forecasts aren't worth the paper they are written on.

    There is only one way to change these idiots minds: win the next 2 games, then beat the Giants. If that happens and the question is asked again, they will be singing a different tune.
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    I think too many analysts are looking at the Giants' 6-2 start without considering that Dallas is entering the part of their schedule (Miami, @Arizona) that played a key role in the Giants' quick start.

    Anyone who is paying attention ought to realize that by virtue of their loss to the Eagles and their difficult schedule in comparison to the Cowboys, the Giants face a real possibility of having to sweep Dallas to win the division.

    • Overall record: If they split, it will be hard for the Giants to finish with a better record than the Cowboys given the schedules.
    • Division record:If they split, there is no way for the Giants to finish with a better division record than the Cowboys.
    • Common opponents:There are three common opponent games remaining. Dallas faces Miami and Arizona while the Giants face the Jets. The Giants have a little bit of hope in this tiebreaker because, if they beat the Jets, then a Cowboys loss to either Miami or Arizona will give the Giants a better record in common games should the Giants and Cowboys end up tied after splitting the head-to-head.
    • Conference record: Dallas has a significant advantage in conference record (5-2 vs. 3-4) by virtue of beating San Francisco and Seattle, games that the Giants lost. There is no way for the Giants and Cowboys to end up at this tiebreaker and the Giants to have a better conference record than the Cowboys. If it gets to this tiebreaker, Dallas wins the division.

    That's it though. If the Giants -who face NO, GB, Was, and the Jets outside of the remaining head-to-head matchups with the Cowboys - manage to keep pace with the Cowboys - who face Miami, Arizona, Tampa Bay, and Philadelphia - then their only ways to win will be 1) to beat the Jets and have the Cowboys lose to one of Miami or Arizona or 2) sweep the Cowboys.

    The Giants are really behind the eight ball right now.
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    ^^^ great breakdown.. Pretty much the same conclusion I came to after the Giants loss on Sunday night.

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