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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TroyEmmittAndMichael, Mar 22, 2006.

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    I didn't see another thread about this, so I'm posting the link to it.

    On the Atlanta Falcons web site, they have quite a few of the Q&A media sessions on video.

    I watched the clips of Ko Simpson, Michael Huff, Darnell Bing, Jimmy Williams, Mario Williams, Tamba Hali, Jay Cutler, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, and Manny Lawson.

    My impressions/observations:

    Not only is Michael Huff, a good player, he's well-spoken. Indeed, he is what we need at FS. He's got elite CB measurables (40yd, size, vertical, 3-cone, etc.), but during his session, he stated that he was willing to play wherever the NFL coaches put him. He's played outside CB, slot CB, FS, and even SS. Thus, he's played 2-deep, one-on-one, zone, and even in-the-box. He even excelled at ST, blocking several punts in his career. Parcells loves versatility. I couldn't draw him up any better. Speed, smarts, and toughness.

    Ko Simpson didn't seem so bright, and he stated that he freelanced a bit at safety. It didn't seem to me like he had a lot of knowledge about schemes and reading offenses.

    For all the Jimmy Williams lovers out there, he is not what we need at FS. The guy presents himself fairly well. He's sure of himself, and seems like an upbeat guy. Smiled a lot. However, what concerns me though, is that he seems like he would rather play CB in the NFL. Not sure if it's for the love or money. Most disconcerting though was when he was asked if he would rather make an INT or lay a big hit, he said he would go for the big hit. In fact he loves to hit, he said. Said he knocked out 6 guys. He'll be a good player in the NFL, but he's not right for what we are looking for at FS.

    Jay Cutler, IMO, rubbed me the wrong way with his session. Without going into detail, since we probably will not draft him, I suspect that if he is drafted in the top 5, he will go the way of Ryan Leaf or more generously, Joey Harrington.

    Tamba Hali looks like he's got Progeria. How old is he anyhow? He looks like he's 38 more than he does 22. Insult aside, I was impressed with his life story and the way he presented himself. He was poised, articulate, and grounded. I hope he does well.

    The most articulate player of all though, was D'Brickashaw Ferguson. I found myself unduly impressed with his presentation skills when interviewed. The guy was professional and answered questions like it was a job interview (which it really is). Not to mention, the guy is mountainous. He made the podium look tiny. I think he'll turn out to be a stalwart at LT for whoever drafts him.

    Manny Lawson is also articulate. He looked a bit thin to me, but that's nothing the Cowboys strength coaches can't fix, I'm sure. He stated that the most he's weighed was 247 lbs. If we select him, I wonder how much Parcells would want him to weigh. A positive from his session was that he said he was very comfortable dropping back into coverage and that he's done that a lot. A negative was that he said he didn't have a spin move to rush the passer and wishes that he could pull it off, but he can't.

    Those are my 2 cents. Take them for what they are: inconclusive first impressions based on Combine Q&A sessions. :D
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    Ko Simpson's Wonderlic score was a 10, iirc. Scouts Inc posted a bunch of Wonderlics, both low and high on ESPN insider. Sorry if I don't have the url handy.

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    A 10? That doesn't surprise me judging by his interview. We should avoid him, IMO.

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