NFL--considering 18 game season/ each player limited to 16

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by sbark, Sep 24, 2013.

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    The NFL is reportedly pushing for an 18-game regular season in which each player would only be allowed to play in 16 games.
    According to ProFootballTalk a league source said "the NFL quietly has resumed its push to persuade the NFLPA to expand the regular-season to 18 games" even though "players consistently have declined to agree to an expanded regular season."
    The outlet notes that "while the NFL still has the ability to unilaterally slash the preseason in half, which at one point was viewed as the leverage necessary to persuade the NFLPA to agree to add those two games to the regular season, the league is unlikely to do that" because "stadium lease agreements typically require at least 10 games per year." Currently, NFL teams play eight home games in the regular season and two home games in the preseason.
    As ProFootballTalk noted, "though a union source has described the possibility of an 18-game season with a 16-game limit per player as 'fascinating,' many fans would disagree" "loudly," especially fantasy football players.
    The NFL is also seeking to expand the regular season as the league puts more of an emphasis on player safety.
  2. John_S

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    Allowing players to only play in 16 games is a dumb idea.
  3. sunbum

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    The players are the ones adverse to playing more than 16 regular season games but I agree, still a dumb idea. Can't imagine not playing your best players, especially a franchise QB, for 2 regular season games each year.
  4. sbark

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    I wonder if games missed to injury or recovery will count........and then if roster size will be upped
  5. sbark

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    ......would present an another entire strategy for coaches to have to manage thru, that's for would be a big chessgame, cat and mouse
  6. sunbum

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    yes, almost fantasy football initial reaction, don't like it
  7. jrumann59

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    It would have to. No way you can field a full team for 18 games where you have about 35 of your players playing. You would need to double up on kickers/punters. I would say they would need to allow you to have 85 man roster with 55 man gameday roster
  8. BraveHeartFan

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    Stupid idea.

    If that is passed it's one of the dumbest things to ever happen to the NFL.
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  9. Blackspider214

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    This is one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard.
  10. sacase

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    Dumb in so many ways, you would have to basically throw 2 games. Let's be real, the talent level drops significantly from the starters to the bench and even more from the bench to the practice squad. HOWEVER; it would be changes to the salary cap and likely less big contracts for the vets as you now have additional bodies on the teams.
  11. Future

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    The NFL is basically asking teams to throw away 2 games a year if that is the case.

    How many teams have a backup QB they can rely on to win games?

    If its me, I'm playing all my scrubs week 1 and 2, and getting over training camp injuries. There is enough time to recover in an 18 game season.
  12. joseephuss

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    I am not for this propsal, but I don't necessarily think a team would be automatically throwing away two games a season. You just have to time it right. If you are playing the Jags you can win with a backup QB. And while the talent level does drop off between starters and backups, you don't have to sub out all of your starters for the same game. And since every team will be in the same boat, it still comes down to who has the better players on the field. I think it is just too convoluted of a system to be practical and I also don't think it really helps alleviate injuries. The only real benefit is when you have an injured starter who needs a game or two off to recover.
  13. Eric_Boyer

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    the increased value in your second and third QB is an interesting ramification of such a rule change.
  14. viman96

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    Major FAIL IMO. Rosters would need to be increased. Teams would basically need a second set of starters for 2 games a year.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    This is a terrible idea IMO. I know this, if I'm a season ticket holder and I pay for 18 games, I am expecting to see the players I paid for to play.

    So much stupid here. Hard to believe the NFL can not see it.

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