NFL Countdown this am--Parcells & QBs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Kittymama, Oct 16, 2005.

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    First, did anyone catch the comment earlier this week during one of his PCs, where Parcells said something to the effect that ESPN would be doing a piece this weekend on Bledsoe's "comeback," because of the questions being asked? He said, "I know how those guys at ESPN think."

    Well, he was dead on the money. Sure enough, both ESPN AND Fox this am did pieces on Bledsoe's comeback. However, one of the guys on ESPN did have a good point. He was pointing out that Parcells has a rep for being no good with QBs, BUT that Bledsoe went to a Super Bowl under him, as did Simms & Hostetler, O'Donnell did decently under him, & Testaverde (while with the Jets) had his best years. Now Bledsoe. He wasn't declaring Parcells a QB genius, but pointing out that BP may unfairly get a knock about his handling of QBs. He said that Parcells will reinvent his team to maximize his QB's strengths.

    (To be fair, on this week's HBO show on the NFL, they did say that Parcells had good practice in protecting Bledsoe because he had so much practice last year with Testaverde!)

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