NFL Draft Countdown: Top 50 Undrafted Players

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by trickblue, May 1, 2006.

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    1. Martin Nance, WR, Miami (OH)
    2. Spencer Havner, OLB, U.C.L.A.
    3. Kai Parham, ILB, Virginia
    4. Anwar Phillips, CB, Penn St.
    5. Darrell Hunter, CB, Miami (OH)
    6. Charles Gordon, CB, Kansas
    7. Greg Lee, WR, Pittsburgh
    8. Andre Hall, RB, South Florida
    9. Brian Iwuh, OLB, Colorado
    10. Hank Baskett, WR, New Mexico
    11. Darrell Hackney, QB, U.A.B.
    12. Eric Henderson, DE, Georgia Tech
    13. DonTrell Moore, RB, New Mexico
    14. Tim Day, TE, Oregon
    15. Jahmile Addae, S, West Virginia
    16. Marcus Vick, QB, Virginia Tech
    17. Mike Bell, RB, Arizona
    18. Adam Stenavich, OG, Michigan
    19. Charlton Keith, DE, Kansas
    20. Mike Kudla, DE, Ohio St.
    21. Taurean Henderson, RB, Texas Tech
    22. Mike Degory, C, Florida
    23. Dion Byrum, CB, Ohio
    24. Patrick Ross, C, Boston College
    25. Derek Morris, OT, North Carolina St.
    26. Dale Robinson, ILB, Arizona St.
    27. Manaia Brown, DT, B.Y.U.
    28. McKinley Boykin, DT, Ole Miss
    29. Greg Threat, S, Miami (FL)
    30. Miles Austin, WR, Monmouth
    31. Troy Reddick, OT, Auburn
    32. Darrell Brooks, S, Arizona
    33. Gerald Riggs, Jr., RB, Tennessee
    34. Copeland Bryan, DE, Arizona
    35. Cameron Vaughn, OLB, L.S.U.
    36. John Torp, P, Colorado
    37. Tommy Jackson, DT, Auburn
    38. Oliver Hoyte, ILB, North Carolina St.
    39. Brett Basanez, QB, Northwestern
    40. Quadtrine Hill, FB, Miami (FL)
    41. Chijioke Onyenegecha, CB, Oklahoma
    42. Steve Fifita, DT, Utah
    43. Erik Meyer, QB, Eastern Michigan
    44. Willie Evans, DE, Mississippi St.
    45. Cooper Wallace, TE, Auburn
    46. Justin Holland, QB, Colorado St.
    47. Barrick Nealy, QB, Texas St.
    48. John Busing, OLB, Miami (OH)
    49. Scott Ware, S, Southern Cal
    50. Manase Hopoi, DT, Washington
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    Noone really flies off of the chart huh?
  3. Alexander

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    These are probably the best ones who haven't been scooped up yet.
  4. trickblue

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    I was really kinda shocked that Parham didn't get taken...
  5. DLCassidy

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    Has Josh Huston been signed anywhere? Or is Vanderjadt kicking off?

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