NFL draft preview: Safeties

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    The best
    1. Mark Barron, Alabama, 6-1, 213. He is tough, smart and competitive and should be a fine leader in the secondary. He is very adept in run support, as he takes good angles and makes secure tackles. Barron has not been asked to cover a lot, and his coverage skills could be questioned. He reads the quarterback well and breaks on the ball. He is not a rare athlete and might be best positioned at strong safety. Barron played four seasons at Alabama and was named first-team All-America as a junior and senior. He recently had double hernia surgery but is not expected to be affected by it.

    2. Harrison Smith, Notre Dame, 6-2, 213. He is versatile enough to play free or strong safety. Smith shows good range and has ball skills, but he is leggy and has limitations in coverage. He is a hitter but only an average open-field tackler. Smith is a steady, consistent player. He sometimes plays a little out of control. Smith shows the leadership, toughness, intelligence and athleticism to be a solid NFL starter.

    3. George Iloka, Boise State, 6-3, 225. This tall, high-cut free safety prospect can cover a lot of ground. His strength is playing center field as opposed to trying to lock down an offensive player. Iloka is a smart defender who shows an understanding of the passing game. He is better in pass defense than run support.
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    Am concerned the assessment of Barron raises some concern about his coverage skills. We must be sure he can do both. We don't need another Roy Williams. Our first rounder should address a major need position, able to start first year & BPA.

    I remain concerned about our interior OL. Maybe one of our recently signed FA OG could be another Kosier but see that other OG signed as a backup unless he has C experience. 14 is too early for Konz at C but Castro would be a huge upgrade--not sure he'll be there when it's our turn.

    OOH also believe we must upgrade our DL so if top such player availabe when we draft I go for him. An upgrade at OLB who can bring QB pressure & provides good run support would also help--save money not resigning Spencer.

    Our secondary also needs lot of help at CB and S (somewhat concerned about Poole's injuries & cover skills).

    So I see 6 must seriously upgrade positions. It would be great if we were drafting in top 10 but we are not. Don't want to move up cause we need all the early good picks we can get.

    Hopefully our board is spot on & BPA at any of these positions should be the one selected. Only question would be how many good players are available at that position who we could grab in 2nd round or later.

    Seems to me we looking at Castro (probably gone to KC), Poole, CB or DL. So which player is involved in every offensive or defensive snap but is there a good player at any of these positions who would be available in 2nd round for us?

    We also must do a better job drafting in later rounds. Frankly Parcells did that better then early rounds--at least it seemed like it. Ratliff was a 6th rounder so good players can be had there. Frankly, seems to me that the better GMs make earn their salary on good picks in 4th thru 7th rounds & we haven't been doing too well there for last few years.

    Obviously we also must sign bunch of good young undrafted free agents who can make the team & really contribute.

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