NFL Draft Profile 2: Anthony Spencer, DE/OLB, Purdue

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    Height:: 6-3
    Weight:: 270
    40 Dash:: 4.55
    225 Press:: 30 Times
    Short Shuttle:: 4.43
    Verticle:: 34

    Sporting News Break Down

    Strengths: Is quick, smart and instinctive. Consistently is the first defensive lineman moving at the snap. Uses hands well to move offensive tackles. On runs away from him, excels at checking for fakes/rollouts before pursuing the ball. Can chase down ballcarriers from the backside. Takes on run blocks with good leverage. Uses hands well to string along outside runs and force runners inside. When unable to reach the quarterback, gets hands up into passing lanes. Shows great technique.

    Weaknesses: Looks more like a linebacker. Lacks explosiveness to consistently beat offensive tackles around the corner. Lacks strength at the point of attack against run-blocking linemen; struggles to shed blockers once they get a hold of him. Gets chopped to the ground too often. Doesn't consistently move well through traffic. Makes few impact plays.

    Bottom Line: At first glance, Spencer isn't an exciting prospect but he makes a lot of plays. Tough, polished and versatile, he will impress in pre-draft workouts because of his bulk and athleticism. He can become a solid starting end but never will be a dominant pass rusher. If drafted as a 3-4 inside or outside linebacker, Spencer must improve at playing off the ball in coverage.

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    SO another project at OLB?
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    Anthony Spencer would be the perfect compliment to Ware. That scouting report under-rates him. I suspect he will be one of the most accomplished players to come out of this draft. I would love to draft him.
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    This guy wouldn't be a project. He would come in and contribute immediately (e.g., 7+ sacks).
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    Combine Results:

    Height: 6027
    Weight: 261
    40 Yrd Dash: 4.70
    20 Yrd Dash: 2.74
    10 Yrd Dash: 1.64
    225 Lb. Bench Reps: 30
    Vertical Jump: 32 1/2
    Broad Jump: 9'4"
    20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.43
    3-Cone Drill: 7.14

    NFL Draft Scout:

    Positives: Has a developing frame with good upper body muscle tone, tight waist and hips, good bubble, thick arms and room to add at least another 10 pounds of bulk with no loss in quickness...Has outstanding straight-line quickness, moving with an explosive burst coming off the edge...Has the quick change of direction agility to work down the line and his speed and range dropping back in pass coverage could see him develop into a 3-4 outside linebacker (best when having a free lane to pressure the pocket rather than bull rushing inside as a down lineman)...Really improved his ball recognition skills in 2006 and is no longer fooled by misdirection...With his better recognition skills, he vastly improved his backside pursuit skills, evident by the 21 third-down stops and five fourth-down tackles he executed in 2006...Has the upper body strength to consistently get leverage coming off the snap...Gets instant penetration as a pass rusher, showing proper hand technique, combined with an array of rip-and-swim moves to explosively close on the quarterback... Shows the hand delivery and punch-out ability coming off the ball, guarding his legs vs. the chop block while maintaining angle to close on the ball...Has his best production when he beats the offensive tackle with his quickness and has the lateral range to slip in-line...Contributes on the move and has the speed needed to chase long distances and make plays along the perimeter...Relentless in his straight-ahead charge to the ball...Has that rare speed to catch plays from behind...Locks out well, delivering a powerful hand swipe to get blockers off-balance...Has improved his anchor vs. the double team (still a work in progress)...His improved hand placement in 2006 saw him no longer struggle vs. face-up blockers...Has the lateral agility to flatten down the line of scrimmage and get outside...Has the athletic agility to fit in space, using his long arms to wrap and secure...Has the functional strength to get a push on the bull rush...Shows the speed and body control to get up field and shows a good feel to work back to the ball...Will play through pain, evident by his 15-tackle performance vs. Notre Dame in 2006 despite playing with a hyper-extended knee.

    Negatives: Plays with good functional strength, but relies on his speed too much...Lacks the size to gain leverage vs. double teams...When he fails to use his hands to fend off blocks, he gets covered up by offensive tackles defending the run, as he generally will lose containment...Needs to add more lower body strength, as he lacks the leg drive to split or play off the combo blocks...Sometimes gets a little reckless in his pursuit and this results in him getting taken out of the play...When he fails to keep his pads down, he tends to lead with his shoulder before making the hit, rather than extending and securing with his arms...Lacks the ideal size to run over offensive tackles and will get engulfed and struggle to disengage when the opponent gets into his chest...Has good backpedal skills, but is a bit stiff in his hips trying to turn...Lack of size could see him as a better fit for a 3-4 alignment as a linebacker (has the speed to make plays in front of him)...Will play through pain, but missed action in several games with nagging leg cramps in 2006.

    Compares To: SHAUN PHILLIPS-San Diego...Both players were developed in the Joe Tiller system at Purdue to attack the quarterback with quickness. Both lack the ideal size you look for in a defensive end, but Phillips proved that he was capable of competing in a stand-up position. Spencer was a better prospect than Phillips coming out of college. If used in a similar system, Spencer will have just as much success in the pro ranks that Phillips has shown.
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    Where is he projected to go?
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    I've seen mocks that have him anywhere from late 1st to late 2nd. Sporting News has Dallas getting him with their 2nd round pick.
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    Thanks man ...
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    He's pretty much a consensus mid to late first round pick, though there's obviously always a chance someone can slide. But there are so many 3-4 teams with OLB needs picking in the late first round that I don't think it's a real possibility he slips out of the 1st.

    15. Steelers (need an OLB)
    22. Dallas (need an OLB)
    24. Patriots (even though they signed Thomas they could use a ROLB...Colvin is getting up there)
    25. Jets (need a lot of help on defense)
    28. Patriots again
    29. Ravens (obviously need an OLB)
    30. Chargers (possible, but not a need)
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    Totally agree. He seems to me like a guy we'd draft if Parcells were still here -- high producer from a top conference, and a very solid person to boot. I'm hoping we draft him or Moss and move Carpenter inside -- but Moss does have the character concerns and might not be there when we pick anyway.

    After this, we can draft offense for all those who hate defense every year. :) But I think we have to get another player on the team with that innate ability to get to the quarterback.
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    Similar system like Wade ran in SD?! Oh wait, the same Wade who's NOW the Cowboys coach?! Yeah, Spencer would make a good addition to the team. It's gonna be hard deciding what to do w/ our 1st rounder.
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    you called my opinion of the Dallas team to a T...

    from this point forward, I have the linebacker's group as being tremendously involved with the ultimate success of Dallas for THIS season. The team needs an upgrade at outside pressure, and additionally, needs a more dynamic and faster presence in the linebacker interior. I don't know if a veteran will be added in the interior, but the movement of Carpenter inside, would help that area out quite a deal. I would have to think very hard, if Patrick Willis came anywhere near to where Dallas was picking, whether to make a move to secure him for the interior, and then relie upon a second rounder, with the hopes of getting Anthony Spencer, Quentin Moses, Charles Johnson, or Lamar to my preference, it would also be for Jarvis Moss.
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    if Spencer slips, I don't see him getting past Pitt in the 2nd
  14. Bob Sacamano

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    well, he's being compared to Shaun Phillips, and came from the same school as him, who was a draft pick of Wade Phillip's Charger's D in '04 :)
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    He wouldn't be a 1st round draft choice. More like a second round.
  16. CCBoy

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    My three favorite candidates for the pass rushing counterpart for DeMarcus Ware, are:

    1. Jarvis Moss
    2. Anthony Spencer
    3. Tim Crowder

    Dallas should be able to secure one of these three, in the first two rounds...

    Jarvis Moss would come in having a top end talent level similar to when DeMarcus Ware arrived with Dallas...and would have to fall a good deal, to come within reach of Dallas, unless there is a strong draft of receivers, secondary, running backs, and 4-3 linebackers prior to the Dallas pick, a couple of unexpected linemen wouldn't hurt....if not, and a trade up slightly just wasn't in the works...then,

    Myself, I don't want to get 'cute' with this first pick, just go ahead and take Spencer, or if someone has taken him also, then select Crowder, and get to work with he has a base level of talent and explosiveness, that I think would surpass Greg Ellis when he was first with Dallas....

    I would be very happy with any of this three....
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    I heard the Steelers were considering playing more 4-3 next year. How would that impact who they may draft?
  18. CCBoy

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    I don't know if that would amount to a wholesale change from their base 3-4...I kind of think that they would tinker first, and attempt to acquire more of a tendency to duplicate what is in New England, rather than a scheme change...and as such, they probably remain in the market for the same general types of players....the Cowboys don't catch a windfall break here, I don't think....
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    Well boys and girls Dallas has found their answer to the Merriman and Phillips tandom, NOW JERRY and WADE get it done!

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