NFL Draft Rumor Mill: Sources: Manziel, Bridgewater Expected to Fall

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Risen Star

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    I agree. You should take the franchise QB if you feel one is there.

    Now why would Jerry do it this year? He's not helping the QB he's heavily invested in now. He's only creating a QB controversy.
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  2. Leadbelly

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    If we drafted Manziel, I can't think of an instance where there would have been a bigger QB controversy. I can't see Manziel sitting quietly for a year or two. One bad game by Romo and the media core would be four people deep at Manziel's locker. He'd smile, act humble and say it's out of his hands. Coach's decision. Gasoline meet fire.

    There is something about him though. He definitely has swagger. Inspires confidence.
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  3. Aven8

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    Yes he does. Reminds me of Romo actually when he came on the scene.
  4. SilverStarCowboy

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    You don't rebuild with Romo.
  5. casmith07

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    Put the crack pipe down.
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  6. waving monkey

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    you might be right but lets bet anyway
  7. Szczepanik

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    I don't see the QB's falling...

    With Manziel's hyped up pro day I believe he will actually go earlier than expected. This forces teams to domino effect and snag the remaining QB's. Teams get nervous and a run on the QB's can potentially happen once that first domino (QB) falls.

    Just watch. Once Manziel is drafted, Bridgewater/Bortles/Carr will all go off the board rather fast to teams needing a QB.
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  8. Fredd

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    I keep hearing everything that "Manziel had a great pro-day"....he did fine, for someone in shorts, with no one in front of him. Does he make those throws at 5' 11 3/4" with his own 6'4" lineman in front of him AND DL that are 6'3"+ with their hands up? Also, some reports say that he was throwing some of those 60+ passes side-armed. He was very good in college because he was able to move around, but he also loved the "toss it up and let the WRs go up and get it" approach...he had a terrific WR go up and make him look good a lot, a WR that could go higher than him in this draft

    yes, he impressed some at his pro-day, but this is yet another example of the hype around this kid...if another QB had the same pro-day, he doesn't get "rated" as highly IMO.....

    ...I think this kid could be OK as an NFL QB, but nothing has convinced me yet that his game will translate into the NFL game...he is not a pocket passer and the majority of QB's that are not pocket-passers fail unless they are only asked to manage the game and rely on their defense (see: seattle)...

    ...none of these QB's in this draft are as good as Luck (as an example), I see the best ones as lesser RG3's and we all see how he is getting pounded and injured because they expected him to take over and be dynamic (not be a game manager)...

    Just say NO to Manziel
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  9. burmafrd

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    drew brees and Wilson have pretty much shot the height thing down. anyone using that as their primary reason is not worth listening to.
  10. Nirvana

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    Manziel will not be the BPA at 16. He may well be there. The reason he will be there is because the league knows he is a developmental qb who will need some time and who is an unknown quantity. He comes from a system which had him roll out and have one to two choices. He often throws without stepping into the throw and relied a lot on his WRs like Evans to make a good play on the ball. He is an injury risk. He is short. He throws from a lowered arm angle. He tends to go for the big play, fails to see what the defense is giving him, and will have to be coached. How he responds to all of this is an unknown.

    Bridgewater is a top 3 pick, at worst he goes to the VIkings at 8.

    Last time I checked these coaches are coaching for their jobs this year. You think any of them want a developmental qb with their first pick? Think on it.
  11. ThreeandOut

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    He originally committed to Oregon before being offered by A&M.
  12. Alexander

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    Impossible. He had a lousy Pro Day, don't you understand that? I mean, he looked terrible in what made Jamarcus Russell look great. You know nothing about football.
  13. Fredd

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    ok, so plug your ears....those of you wanting this kid because of a "good pro day" are not worth listening to...he had a very good college career, he was able to get away with things because he didn't have 11 NFL caliber players on the other side of the field from him...his size and lack of time spent in the pocket can be overlooked because he didn't have to deal with NFL speed all of the time, not to mention that he DID have an NFL ready WR to throw it up to...

    ...size does matter and in this case, so does inexperience...using two examples to illustrate your point is ridiculous especially since one of them, Wilson, is a game manager whose defense carried them to a title (see: 8 points from #1 ranked defense); if Manziel gets picked by someone that has a coach and scheme like Payton and New Orleans, then perhaps he could be a good player in the NFL...but, since I don't see Seattle or New Orleans picking him, then his deficiencies make a difference
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  14. RS12

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    JFB has the main thing that makes sucessful QBs which are intangibles, football smarts and instincts. Also I dont think getting paid will affect his will to win, his family is already loaded. He will be tested early by NFL defenses in that they will attempt to make him beat them from the pocket. If he can do that he will be just fine. If not it will be a rough ride.
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  15. DFWJC

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    It is VERY debatable that those guys are in fact franchise QBs, and that is mostly the point of the thread.
  16. DFWJC

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    80%+ chance that JFB will not have nearly as good of a career statistically that Romo had already had....overall team aside.
    But that chance that Manziel is a transcedent player is what intrigues people.
    Really looking forward to seeing how it goes.
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  17. dbonham

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    If we draft him theres nothing to do but enjoy the ride. It would definitely make for an interesting year
  18. DFWJC

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    For perspectives on these silly pro days, Garrett Gilbert had 87 of 88 passes (according to Gil Brandt) of all varieties, and "blew away" scouts.

    I do think he moves up the draft boards, but it is a good reminder to not get too excited about scripted pro days vs no defense on the field.
  19. Galian Beast

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    No idea why people think we're going to draft a QB, unless they think we're going to carry 4 QBs on our roster...
  20. cbow44

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    If JFB's there at 16 run dont walk to the podium. Nobody is drafting him due to his proday. He simply proved all those wanna be scouts that said he had a weak arm that its as strong as Bortles arm. He took every snap from center, not the shotgun. Folks are so desperate to run him down now that they're makeing stuff up.

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