NFL has quite an extensive list of demands for the Super Bowl host

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    The competition to host a Super Bowl is fierce, and the NFL is well aware of that. So the league has no qualms about submitting a list of demands for the host city like it is a diva rock star.

    The Minneapolis Star-Tribune got its hands on the 153-page list of requests and demands for hosting the game. Minneapolis won the right to host the Super Bowl in 2018. And the obligations set forth by the NFL from the city include many prudent ones dealing with security and operations, to somewhat ridiculous ones like bowling venues being offered at no charge, specific ATM machines that accept league-preferred debit and credit cards and team hotels televising the NFL Network a year before the game.

    And almost all of the requirements, of course, end up being free of charge to the NFL, which makes billions in revenue annually. The term "no cost to the NFL" appears exactly 150 times in the 153-page document.
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    and no brown M&Ms.
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    That's a deal breaker
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    The brown ones have always been too chocolate-y for me. I like the red ones best.
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    Yeah no big surprise. NFL owners a greedy as heck.
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    This list reminds me of the list of demands from Airheads...
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    I think{maybe?} I am the only one so far to have caught where this reference came from.
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    Van Halen?
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    Yes and the story goes as follows......

    For one of their early tours their contract rider was about the size of a Chinese phone book. Not just requirements for backstage, etc but for things like the arena floor had to be able to hold so much weight{for their stage at the time} as well as technical aspects such as required amperes etc. Well right smack in the middle of the contract they put "no brown M&Ms in the backstage area". Well lo and behold at one of their shows they find brown M&Ms backstage and their stage actually sunk and damaged the arena floor to the tune of thousands of dollars worth of damages. Roth went on to trash the dressing room for around 500$ in damages but was blamed for the whole thing.
    Next day in the paper it says "Roth trashes dressing rooms to the tune of 20,000 in damages". Roth went with it figuring any publicity is good publicity.
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