NFL Live and Cold Pizza talks about Aikman

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by ringmaster, Aug 4, 2006.

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    No, he is just that big of a jerk.
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    Sterling Sharpe never experienced a "downswing." His injury cut short his career in his prime.
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    The funny thing is when Skip brought up the fact that Aikman couldn't do it on his own, that jack@$$ of a host, said, "Yeah what was Aikman's record as a rookie before all that talent got there? He couldn't do it by himself." As if that had anything to do with it... How many rookie QBs get thrown into the NFL their first season from the first game and have performed??

    The thing that pisses me off is no one else ever comes up in these types of conversations, it's usually just Aikman, Emmitt, and Irvin. You never hear Montana, Young, Elway.... and even Peyton Manning. That guy had a trio dubbed "the triplets" by many and he still hasn't won the big one. Yet he is typically named the best pure QB (or top 2) in the game today.
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    What I remember most about T Aikman was that he was clutch in the playoffs.

    In the playoffs and the Super Bowl, he was simply money.

    I never got that "cringe" feeling with Aikman like "I hope he doesn't screw it up" or "now we're doomed" in the big games. He was always in control.

    You can't really ask for more.
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    I didn't care what Bayless said before today or after today. He is a Cowboy hater and I do not value his opinion in any way shape or form.
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    I agree 100%.
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    Skip Bayless is a little man who makes his living off throwing out contrary and wild opinions. If he truly believes most of what he says then he is an idiot. If he doesn't believe most of what he says, then he is a sports prostitute. Either way, his opinions are worthless.
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    Did you watch him after the team around him became depleted?
    Didn't look near as good, huh?

    Don't get me wrong... Aikman is one of my all time favorite Cowboys players...
    but he was never a QB that could make something out of nothing the way Favre, Marino, and Warren Moon did.

    If Warren Moon was given the shot he deserved in the NFL when he came out of school.... no telling how great of a QB he would have developed into. He missed valuable years of NFL coaching...

    When a play broke down, those guys made things happen.

    For Troy... everybody had to do their job.

    The receiver had to be in the right place... the o-line & backs had to pick up their blocks, etc,etc...

    Remember the '96 playoff loss to the Panthers?
    Mike went down - EVERYTHING fell apart.

    Remember when Emmitt held out?
    Cowboys went 0-2.

    Aikman was a GREAT QB. Did an awesome job of managing games.
    When all the other pieces were in place.... no one was better at managing games.

    But can you say he carried teams on his back the way those other guys did?
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    I can say he carried his team on his back plenty of times when things were breaking down. Ever watch the 1994 NFC Championship game? Larry Allen on one leg, Emmitt Smith with a bad hamstring, Barry Gunsmoke getting penalties? He played pretty darn good in that one.

    And I want to speak to the 0-2 without Emmitt thing. I know in advance I won't be heard on this, but that's ok, its an opinion anyway.

    No bigger myth has ever grown out of two games. "Dallas can't win a game without Emmitt". That is what came out of 2 GAMES.

    *Never mind that the team was divided over Emmitt's contract demand. (In other words, that wasn't all about football)

    *Never mind that those circumstances created a circus atmosphere, not exactly the best thing for game preparation.

    *Never mind that Dallas won more than one game when Emmitt left a game early, or had minimal success. (see the 1995 Super Bowl; the 1994 playoff win over Green Bay)

    *Never mind that Dallas was leading the Cardinals the very week that Emmitt returned, with Derrick Lassic playing, before Emmitt ever stepped on the field that day.

    *Never mind that in 1990 when Dallas was making a playoff run, and Aikman went down FOR 2 GAMES, they lost both of them WITH EMMITT SMITH PLAYING BEHIND BABE LAUFENBERG.

    It just sounds so good to say that Dallas couldn't win a game without Emmitt.

    I know you didn't say that, but you reference the 1993 opening two games and I think it is a straw man argument that fails to look at the whole picture.

    After all, Emmitt was there AFTER AIKMAN RETIRED. How many playoff games did he play in?

    The fact is take away ANY QUARTERBACK'S #1 RECEIVER IN A PLAYOFF GAME and he suffers, and take away Aikman's and who was his #2? Was it John Taylor like Joe Montana had? Was it John Stallworth like Terry Bradshaw had? I honestly can't remember the 1996 receiving corp that well, but I know this, they didn't have a great receiver opposite Irvin.

    *One final question. How many Super Bowls did Dan Marino win WITH ALL HIS WEAPONS? I'm sorry, Mark Duper and Mark Clayton were not a bad receiving corp. They didn't win a championship and lost the Super Bowl they went to.

    *How many did Elway win without Terrell Davis?

    Every QB has to have great people around him to win games. The question is, what do you do in the big games when you have your guns? Favre fell short in 95, versus Aikman, with basically the same team they won the Super Bowl with in 96.

    I still stand by my arguments.
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    Alls I know is that Farve is carrying the all time interception record on his back after this season ends. Dont be silly. Farve is in no way shape or form a better player than Troy.

    Right, everything had to be set up perfectly for Troy. Thats why he has 3 rings, thats why he is a hall of famer. That was all set up perfectly, it had nothing to do with what an incredible arm Troy had, or what a smart football player Troy was. Are you even a Cowboy fan? What inane drivel.
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    nice post, great points....

    and for the record, I heard ya ;)
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    I'll just copy what I had from the same post on the other board...

    Yeah, Yeah Troy never had a 4000 yard season and only had 13 300+ games whereas Marino had 53. Stats aren't everything.... so i'll take some from an article Goose had last year.

    That wasn't just that game, the majority of our games were played that way!

    Including the postseason, Aikman started 158 games during the 90's and by half time we were leading in 98 of them and tied for another 10 at the half. So less than a third of the games he started he was behind at the half. Why did he only have 16 comebacks? Because, we weren't behind! Why did he have only 13 300+ games? Because, he was usually done throwing at halftime!

    I'll take the rings over Peyton Manning anyday! I once read a story from Phil Simms while watching one of the Cowboys practices. He said I spent the entire day watching Troy and the more I watched the more I was amazed that a ball never hit the field, not one ball hit the ground all day. That doesn't sound like a big deal in practice, but coming from a QB, that is a huge deal, it just doesn't happen!

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    And your point is? He was in the last 4 years of his career, they made the playoffs 2 of those 4 years and he finished with a positive TD to interception ratio in 3 of those 4 years.


    Troy's only truly bad statistic seasons were his 1st and 2nd, and last.

    97 receiving corps: Irvin (I'll take him any time) Anthony Miller (in the twilight of his career), Stepfret Williams and Eric Bjornson.

    98 receiving corps: Irvin, Billy Davis, Ernie Mills and Eric Bjornson

    99 receiving corps: Ismail, Ernie Mills, Jason Tucker, David LaFleur

    2000 leading receiver: James McKnight, followed by 24 catches by Wayne McGarity and 25 by an oft injured Ismail, and Jackie Harris was our TE when he was almost in the grave.

    I might also mention that we have missed the playoffs now 2 of the last 3 years. Or to say it another way,

    After Troy:

    2001 - 5-11 no playoffs
    2002 - 5-11 no playoffs
    2003 - (Parcells) 10-6 1st round playoff loss
    2004 - 6-10 no playoffs
    2005 - 9-7 no playoffs

    25-39, 1 playoff birth in 5 years.

    So, Troy in his last 4 years, with declining talent around him still produced more playoff births than we have had in the 5, now going on 6 years without him.

    Smith was present for 2 of those years, 2001-02 and there were no playoff births.

    I don't point that out to disrespect Emmitt. I believe in the TRIPLETS. They all needed each other. I just point it out to prove that Aikman wasn't the "problem" that some people wanted to make him out to be.
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    I dont believe people that call themselves Cowboy fans are trying to belittle Troys massive accomplishments. If you dont like Troy, you arent a fan. Period. The guy was excellence in its most pure form and I am forever grateful for the entertainment he provided me as a spectator. Long live Troy Aikman, one of the best QB's of all time.
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    With Troy:

    1997 - 6-10 no playoffs
    1998 - 10-6 1st round playff loss(jake plummer)3int
    1999 - 8-8 1st round playoff loss (jeff george)1int
    2000 6-10

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    Eagle fan^^^^^^.
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    Troy Aikman.

    Winningest QB of ANY decade.

    3 Super Bowl Championships.

    Inducted into the HOF today, first ballot.

    Nuff said.
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    Why? Because Skip has a different opinion that yours?

    :confused: :confused: :confused:

    You guys need to get a grip.
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    B-I-N-G-O (repeat two more times) and BINGO was his NAME-O! :D

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