NFL, NFLPA to meet Wednesday in latest session for new CBA

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Doomsday101, Jun 16, 2010.

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    The NFL and NFLPA will meet Wednesday morning in New York, according to source with knowledge of the situation, in their latest session toward getting a new collective bargaining agreement.

    The sides remain far apart on most major issues and few league insiders are expecting significant progress until 2011. The thrust of Wednesday's meeting is expected to focus on the "enhanced season," with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners heavily in favor of truncating the preseason by two games, and adding two regular-season games.

    It's a notion some players and NFLPA officials have taken issuw with, and would likely require alterations to roster size, as well as general player compensation, obviously. The league seems committed to having this as part of any labor agreement moving forward.
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    Leave the schedule alone, please. Interesting that the league wants to stop teams from mailing it in and at the same time wants to give them more chances to.

    Cap rookie money and call it a day.
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    Just fix it. I want NFL football in 2011.
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    I agree. I think 16 game season is tough enough for the players as most by that time are dealing with injuries of some sort. I also think if you cut the 2 pre season games it will take time away from younger players and force teams to play the vets more mins as they tune up for the season. As it is now the starters see very limited time at the start of pre season by the 3rd game of the pre season starters are seeing a half to 3 qrts of the game as they start to get in sync for the reg season.
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    I agree. I hope they don't add more regular season games. Just cut the preseason to 2-3 games and leave the reg. season at 16.
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    I say cut it to 3 preseason games, giving an extra week of non-game preparation to teams before the beginning of the season.

    Move the start of the season back to Labor Day weekend.

    Leave it a 16 game season....these players take too much of a beating.

    Increase the roster size to 60. Decrease the Practice Squad to 5.

    Create a rookie salary cap.

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