News: NFL: NFL's top 10 receiving corps; Atlanta Falcons rank No. 1

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    NFL's top 10 receiving corps; Atlanta Falcons rank No. 1
    • [​IMG]
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    • By Chris Wesseling
    • Around the League Writer
    • Published: July 16, 2013 at 03:48 p.m.
    • Updated: July 16, 2013 at 10:40 p.m.

    3. Dallas Cowboys: Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Dwayne Harris, Terrance Williams, Jason Witten, James Hanna, Gavin Escobar

    Bryant took advantage of a soft schedule and a bevy of shootouts down the stretch, but it's still impressive that his final eight games project to 1,758 yards and 20 touchdowns across a full season. He's here to stay as a No. 1 receiver. Austin can be one of the league's top second fiddles as long as he can put his hamstring issues behind him. Witten hasn't missed a game in nine years.

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  2. mldardy

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    A soft schedule?
  3. Hoofbite

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    Fair ranking, IMO.

    Roddy White is much better than he's usually given credit for.
  4. Fredd

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    Redskins not even listed in the top 20 despite wunderkind being behind it....

    these rankings seem fair, although I believe Dallas has a better overall (more) group than Atlanta...and, while the Broncos group is good, they only get that ranking based on their QB, IMO
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  5. GroundUp

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    I'm ok with the ranking, I believe it is about accurate. If miles can stay healthy and the TE's get incorporated as expected with the 12 offense I can see us being ranked #1 at years end. For now though Julio and Roddy are a cut above. I agree with Fredd about Denver though, Peyton drives that ranking up.
  6. VACowboy

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    Eight of the top-10 reside in the NFC, and three of those eight hail from the East. Cool.
  7. Ntegrase96

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    It's a pretty perfect ranking. That doesn't usually happen. Kudos to Chris Wesseling for not trying to stir things up with an absurd misplacement.

    I think ATL is far and away the best. No other team has two top 10 WRs, let alone a Top 5 (Top 3?) TE legend on their team.

    And Thomas and Dez are close, Decker had a really good year whereas Austin has been hurt a lot, and Welker kind of offsets Witten as well-- Easily the best trio of WRs in the league at the moment, which is enough for me to have them at #2.
  8. tantrix1969

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    Best rankings I've seen, ATL deserves to be 1st and think they are even more deadly with SJax who is a very capable pass catcher(yes I'm still mad we passed on him)
  9. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I agree, it is a very fair ranking....
  10. LeonDixson

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    I agree with all you who agree it is a fair ranking.
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  11. ravidubey

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    He's talking about KC Joyner's CB rankings. Bryant faced a flukishly large number of poor corners in most of his games last year.
  12. 187beatdown

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    I think that's a pretty generous ranking for us, I would probably go a few spots lower, but overall it's a very good list.
  13. dstovall5

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    For the top 5 I think you could swap 3,4, and 5 around a bit, though I think 1 and 2 are solidified. After this year, if Escobar and Williams pan out then I think we could have the best receiving corps over Atlanta.
  14. dfense

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    I agree, but it's funny that a record breaking year at TE and he's just a "hasn't missed a game" guy.
  15. ScipioCowboy

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    Seeing the Cowboys were number 3 before I clicked on the link, I was ready to raise all sorts of Cain because I expected the Giants to be ranked number 2. My urge to raise Cain remains, but I don't know anything about the Broncos receiving corp. I'm NFC-centric to an absurd degrees. The Pats and Colts could be playing on CBS while the Cardinals and Bucs were playing on FOX, and I'd probably spend at least as much time on FOX as CBS.
  16. Ntegrase96

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    Well I'm sure you've heard of Welker and are aware that he's one of the best slot receivers, if not the best in the league.

    Match him up with two 6'3" 215 lb+ guys on the outside...

    Demaryius Thomas: 94 Rec 1,434 yds 10 TDs
    Eric Decker: 85 Rec 1,064 yds 13 TDs

    And one could imagine that they'll probably be pretty successful.

    Thomas is of course their main guy, and at this point I think it's fair to put him in the same category as Dez, just for reference sake.

    On a separate note, I'm with you. The AFC is boring.
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  17. ScipioCowboy

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    I'm not so out of the AFC loop that I don't know Wes Welker. :D

    What you say makes perfect sense.

    I have no idea why the AFC is so boring. Most of the perennially great teams in the modern NFL are in the AFC. Perhaps it's Phil Simms droning voice?
  18. DFWJC

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    Looks reasonable to me.

    I think when they included TEs, that boosted us above the Giants.
  19. raichledog

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    I don't disagree with the rankings, BUT I think Dez is better than Julio and Witten is better than Gonzales. Granted Roddy is a stud, and far more durable than Miles and that's the difference maker. If all 6 stay healthy though, I take ours over theirs... JMHO

    Oh, and I take Romo over Ryan too.
  20. JohnsKey19

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    3 is fair. Austin's production and rep around the league has taken a hit the past few seasons. If he is able to stay healthy and consistent, the overall receiving corps could match Atlanta for that #1 spot.

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