News: NFL: NFL's top 10 receiving corps; Atlanta Falcons rank No. 1

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  1. ghst187

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    I would agree with our #3 ranking and IMO its really only because i factor Witten into the mix that I put us ahead of the NYG.
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    I'd love to put Dez over Julio Jones at this point, but I just can't. I think they're a push. Jones has had better numbers over his first two seasons than has Dez and is every bit as physically imposing, if not more so. The area that Dez is for sure better in? Surprisingly it's route running.

    Roddy White is definitely better than Miles-- White has had very consistent 1300 yd, 8 td type seasons since 2007. Honestly, Roddy White is probably the most consistent WR in the NFL that plays at a high level.

    And Gonzo is the all time great and still plays at a pretty high level. I'd say he's probably still better than Witten.

    Romo>Ryan though, I agree.
  3. funkytown

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    I'm content with the ranking. But are we talking better as in most talented or most productive? Because Dallas is above Denver on talent, but lacked on production.

    Thats the Peyton Manning Factor. Look at the numbers posted earlier in the thread, those are amazing stats that Thomas/Decker put up. But i still take Dez/Miles over those two when it comes to talent and potential, and feel they would have greater numbers if they had Peyton as QB. Everyone has better numbers with Peyton as QB. Sure they have Welker now, but we have Witten.

    Denver and Dallas could be switched, i just think the writer is giving them the nod because of Welker, and not giving Witten his fair shake.
  4. Ntegrase96

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    That's a really interesting thought. I wouldn't say that Peyton is the reason for Thomas' success-- he could succeed with any competent QB and his talent is on par with the other 3 young guys, Dez, Jones, and Green. But Decker... that's an interesting premise.

    We KNOW that Miles Austin can be a viable number 1 option when healthy. But what about Decker?

    As much as I love Witten, I wouldn't take him over Welker if we're strictly speaking about receiving. Welker's one of the few players with more receptions than Witten the last few years, and he's cracked 1100 yards at least 5 seasons, which Witten's only done once.

    So it stacks up about like this

    Dez=Thomas (for now)

    Maybe they were talking about how the players will fit together overall? Otherwise, yeah it's close.
  5. Teren_Kanan

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    I hear the guy throwing them the football is decent too.
  6. cowboys2233

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    I live in Denver and have actually considered these comparisons quite a bit. Overall, I do lean slightly towards the Broncos. I do think Austin is a bit more explosive than Decker but Decker has been way more consistent and productive over the last couple of years, mainly because of Austin's injuries. But make no mistake about it, Thomas is NOT in the same category as Dez. Big and fast, yes. But just not the overall game that Dez possesses, who combines size, speed, strength, leaping ability, hands, body control in one unstoppable package. Frankly, I'm not sure any receiver compares favorably to Dez at this point and yes, I'm including Calvin Johnson (although he's very close).

    But the addition of Welker, who is clearly superior to any third receiver we have, puts them in front.
  7. Risen Star

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    Yeah that's nonsense. Ignore it.

    Dez spent a good portion of last season as the best WR on the planet. When he's on, he can not be covered. Regardless of the opponent.
  8. hipfake08

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    I thought Seattle would have been rated above our group.
  9. ravidubey

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    Not true. Austin isn't the stud who dominated the 2009 season or even the guy who almost single-handedly beat San Francisco in 2011. He's a shell of that guy. Decker's 13 TD's is friggin elite.
  10. ravidubey

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    It always helps if the guys covering you are no good. Always.
  11. Ntegrase96

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    We'll have to wait and see really. If Austin returns healthy I think he's better than Decker. But it's a big if.
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    How many points do we get for this ranking against the Giants?

  13. ravidubey

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    The guy suffered from Romo's absence in 2010 more than anyone. The prime years of his career have been wasted running patterns and watching his QB get killed because there's no protection and/or the running backs are awful. Then his hamstring issues.

    That 2011 game vs. San Francisco showed what the guy is capable of-- and the truly amazing thing was he was hurt even then. We get *that* guy back... wow.
  14. CowboysToTheBone

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    My sentiments exactly...

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