News: NFL notebook: Cowboys trump Rams in TV plans

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    Posted: Wednesday, December 1, 2010 12:00 am
    Cowboys trump Rams in TV plans

    The last-place Dallas Cowboys, rather than the tied-for-first-place Rams, have been deemed by the NFL to be a more attractive team for prime time. The league announced Tuesday that it is sticking with the Cowboys-Eagles matchup Dec. 12 for that day's showcase NBC Sunday night game rather than exercising its option to switch to a more appealing matchup.

    Under consideration was the Rams-Saints contest — New Orleans (8-3) has the best record of the aforementioned teams, with Philadelphia at 7-4, the Rams 5-6 and Dallas 3-8. But the Cowboys have a big national following despite their down year and the league might have been concerned that the inconsistent Rams could lose to Arizona on Sunday, thus providing NBC with a sub-.500 team anyway in Week 14.

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    Still America's Team even when we have a sub-par year.
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    another way to say it: "Even when we suck we're still better than the Rams,,," :)

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