NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys to sign Anthony Armstrong?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Gryphon

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    by Gil Alcaraz IV

    With a 5-6 record and a playoff spot still within reach, the Dallas Cowboys could be looking to shuffle some pieces as the postseason draws closer.

    After working out for the team earlier in the week, veteran wide receiver Anthony Armstrong could be signing with the Cowboys soon in hopes of strengthening their depth at the position.

    An opportunity has recently arisen for Armstrong with injuries sidelining Kevin Ogletree and Miles Austin. Armstrong worked out for the Cowboys after Ogletree went down with a concussion last weekend. Austin suffered a strained hip on Turkey Day against the Washington Redskins, which has left the Cowboys short at wide receiver.

    Throughout his three-year NFL career, Armstrong has hauled in 54 passes for 986 yards and five touchdowns. His best season came back in 2010 – his rookie year – when he caught 44 passes for 871 yards (19.8 yards per catch) and three touchdowns. All but 12 of his catches went for first downs, but the spark faded after his first NFL campaign. Armstrong has also made a mark in kick coverage, amassing 14 career special teams tackles.

    The West Texas A&M alumnus spent his first two seasons with the Redskins before joining the Miami Dolphins during the 2012 offseason. After playing in five games for the Dolphins, Armstrong was released and has been on the streets since.

    Although it’s unlikely that he would provide an instant impact for the Cowboys, Armstrong could bring some much-needed depth to the Dallas receiving unit while providing special teams help. At this point, Tony Romo and the Cowboys’ passing attack could use all of the help they can get.

  2. MichaelWinicki

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    What's the scouting report on this guy?

    Does he have any redeeming football skills?
  3. FiveRings

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    We need him! Offensive line is in shambles and Harris and Beasley run circles around his production but still, we NEED him! He's FAST!
  4. MartinRamone

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    As long as he doesnt take snaps from Harris and Beasley bring him in, if he will block the young players from developing... go away!
  5. Gryphon

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  6. Dave_in-NC

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    Find a decent lineman. Any more of them go down,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. MichaelWinicki

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    I see on one website he's was listed as a 4.38 40 guy.

    He's not big, so I guess speed is his claim to fame. Did have one good season in 2010 when he came close to 1,000 yards.
  8. TwoDeep3

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    proactive or reactive.

    Which do you want your team to be.

    Proactive in making things happen during the off-season, making contingency plans.

    Or reactive in picking up spares after the season starts because you weren't prepared.

    Nice going, Jer ole buddy.
  9. 5Stars

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    I know, huh?

    I cannot believe Jerry makes these players get injured...!!

  10. TwoDeep3

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    He paid Austin a year too early. He kept Ogletree when the guy is dead weight.

    This isn't completely about injury. It's about a GM that makes plans on things other than his next press conference and facial surgery.
  11. 5Stars

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    It would have been interesting to hear what you would say if they had let Austin walk and he signed on with another team and did a good job.
  12. Switz

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    This will be the move that gets Dallas in the superbowl!!!! Do it
  13. StevenOtero

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    It's like everyone on The Zone forgot who this guy was.
  14. TTexasTT

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    This is what I got from some Skins fans
  15. Hailmary

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    Didn't someone say in an older thread that we were supposed to sign him on Friday?
  16. Section444

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    I'd compare him to Andrew Hawkins (WR - Cincinnati), as far as play-style is concerned.
  17. Future

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    He's nowhere near as explosive after the catch as Hawkins.
  18. NIBGoldenchild

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    AA couldn't hold Hawkins cleats. Armstrong has great straight line speed, I think he either was the fastest or second fastest player on our team when he was a Redskin. But outside of his speed, his routes aren't crisp and his hands aren't great either. He fell out of favor with the Shanahans when he was rarely getting open, and when he was, he was dropping balls. Considering how bad our receivers are, he may have still had a spot on our roster if the other receivers weren't bigger than him.
  19. Eskimo

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    He's small (5 10 1/2, 180 pounds) and fast (4.38 40).

    He took an unusual path to the NFL: Intense football league, Arena League, Dolphins PS 2009, Skins PS 2009, Skins 2010-11.

    He's surprisingly old for a guy who hasn't played much in the NFL, 29 years old, so he really isn't a developmental prospect.

    It seems like he is a guy to fill a short-term hole with the loss of Miles and Otree. It is surprising that they think he is more ready to contribute on a fill-in role than Holmes considering he doesn't know our offense, doesn't have a lot of pro experience, isn't known for his routes or his hands.

    My guess is Garrett really felt he needed a speed WR and he was the best one available on the street. I really can't see any other reason to bring him in.
  20. Chuck 54

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    He was the Skins' speed guy a couple of years ago and managed to haul in some passes behind the defense; you may remember him scoring on some bombs as number 13 in burgundy and gold.

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